Finn Dogface applied to server builder

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Should this user be a Server Builder?

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  1. BaconBot

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    Member Name Finn Dogface

    Player names I am known by on the server? IAmFish76

    How long do I play on this server? More than 1 Year

    Other Information

    Application (Optional) I have been here since before Starbound 1.0. The character wipes were VERY annoying. This is just to clarify the length playing on the server thing. A few months ago, before my other character was corrupted, I had built multiple houses, a Yacht, and helped develop an island with my brother and a few friends. I hope you will consider me for a server builder! -Finn Dogface/IAmFish76

    Application Entries

    My Application Entries Bellow...

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  2. Skipper

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    It's a No from me. I don't see any special things on your Application. It shows a simply house only, not specific details on it nor any other unique things.

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