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Dec 2, 2018
The Crusade
The coolest outcasts you'll ever meet.

The Crusade began with a young Gouge Buren searching the galaxy for those who would join him against a yet unknown force. The seven or so individuals who survived past the scandalous First Crusade would go on to become incredibly close as friends, eventually calling themselves a family. They created the image of The Crusade that many now know (and, for some, despise) today.

The Crusade has gone through a couple of changes of face and heart, currently calling itself The Fourth of its kind after meeting the God-like figure Regis. Among other things, this Crusade's final goal is to serve Regis and in return receive a cure for a sort of curse/disease that lurks in most of the original members. Of course, their motive may never be reflected in the environment of Port Lux, as that place is irrelevant to their holy bargain. However, Regis has recently been absent from Crusader dealings, leaving the group to its own devices.

The Crusaders are all unique individuals, and they are free to do as they please.

As experienced by those who have tried to join The Crusade during the Third or Fourth, joining the group is no easy task. In order to join, one must usually be asked by a Crusader (though it is still possible to ask them yourself). Then, the member proposes the recruitment to the rest of the group for a vote. Only after a successful vote is a new Crusader added to the roster. As a symbol for the recruitment, the new member will be given their CDA-- a Crusader Digital Assistant. Like a PDA, but custom made.

The Members

- BG-W3
- Ethane Gunn
- Evelyn
- Jesse
- Tonya "Blitzkrieg"
- Ulysses
- Venena Quinn
(in no particular order other than alphabetical)​
A recent restructuring to the ranks has left every Crusader on more or less equal ground in terms of power due to the intimate bonds they have as a group.

If you need anything from me, player of Evelyn, my discord is Archduke Seraph#7136
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Mar 30, 2019
So we have:
  1. The Church of Flesh [Super Meat Boy fan club]
  2. The Crusade [Literally just a gang]
  3. The Warborn [Or that one guy who's left.]
  4. SPIRE [Supposedly on Vacation?]
Am I missing one? I feel like I'm missing one.