Faction - "Sweeney's Pirate Network" (wip)

Jan 3, 2019
There is no official name for this ring of smugglers and space bandits, but for our purposes here we will henceforth be referring to this organization as the 'SPN'

The SPN is composed of both legitimate and illegal businesses, ranging from simple trafficking and shipments to labs producing illegal chems and black market bio-mods.
SPN presence at Lux has been limited to pirates, often being of either human, novakid or karachodon(shark-like bipedal amphibious aliens) race, being modestly equipped and limited in their technology, but showing ability to adapt and import what is needed to secure themselves at some port or trade nexus.
Racial profiling marked many karks as criminals, due to their blunt and often oblivious nature, and so their presence at Lux has waned, though some more prominent members still enjoy some business at Lux. Most human and nova members have been more subtle and have avoided proper identification.

All members of the SPN interrogated have listed Sweeney as one of their 'big bosses', and so the name of this network has actually been given by law enforcement.

Of Sweeney himself, he is more myth than man. He is described as a 'wolf guy', and has a reputation for being supernaturally elusive.

Pirates are not a moot threat! It is our duty to remain vigilant! Toothy invaders and illegal mammals should not be tolerated AT A RESORT!