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Nov 30, 2018

An independent military force, and corporation, created to combat all the injustices of the galaxy. Specializing in a variety of fields, SPIRE is the quintessential group to go to for any problem. Nowadays, the company spreads its interest across several fields, not just military.​

A Brief History:

Strategic Paramilitary Intelligence Reconnaissance Elimination/Exfiltration was formed during a time of great need. When great evil became the common enemy of good people, those people took a stand. A rebellion was formed, and succeeded in their efforts. But the idea of this 'constant rebellion', called upon when needed, would eventually lead to the birth of SPIRE. Though the beginning years were rough, SPIRE pushed through it all. Facing obstacles that rogue militants would never even survive against. SPIRE has also made attempts at uniting the many factions under a mutual network. Providing each one with easy access to technology, resources, and protection. The SPIRE United Front seeks to accomplish that same motive, presented only once before, during her glory days.


The criteria for joining SPIRE is very simple.
You must provide:
- A brief background of yourself
- An overview of the skills/trades you are near expert in
- Your reason for joining, and what you expect to take from this

You will go through basic firearms training. No matter your occupation, it is required.

Payment is not like a conventional job. SPIRE has, over the years, accumulated and invested a hearty amount of wealth. That said, your housing, amenities, utilities, food etc, will be provided with your employment. Anything you wish to buy outside of those categories can be purchased with your SPIRE account. You are given a paycheck of up to 10,000 pixels or more, depending on merit.

The hierarchy among SPIRE agents and officers is not conventional like most PMC's. The Commander acts as the CEO, in a way. He's the overseer of all activity in the faction.

The current commander of SPIRE is: Roland Thunder; more well known by his alias Morph, Commander Morph

You are always welcome to discuss anything with him when he is available. You can make an appointment or request him at anytime. No guarantee he will respond right away, but he will be notified.

- Keegan S. Pavallia; SPIRE Administrator, SPIRE Fleet Commander and Pilot Academy Headmaster
- Brynn E. Ashenglade; SPIRE Chief Advisor
- Dr. Wilfrede E. Bainbridge; SPIRE Medical Professional, Head Neurologist
- Dr. Liliya Windsor; SPIRE Medical Professional, Head of Cloning and Genetics
- Dr. Heather Thunder; SPIRE Medical Professional, Lead Surgeon
- Dr. Alnilam Nox; SPIRE Medical Professional, Head of Medicine and Pharmaceuticals
- Hitomi; SPIRE Security Officer
- Sentinal; SPIRE Security Officer
- Clarke Antilles; SPIRE Head Negotiator

Current Allies:

The Crusade
Organized Scientific Front (OSF)

Current Sub-contracted Group(s):

Organized Scientific Front (OSF)
Violent [REDACTED]

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