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Jan 1, 2019
Inform. Neutralize. Transport. Eliminate. Rebuild. Protect. Orchestrate. Learn.
Our Mission: Protect Knowledge, Prevent Conflict.

Not to be confused with Early Earth's International Police Force, INTERPOL was originally a large peacekeeping organization that focused on bookkeeping and preventing conflicts, internal and external. INTERPOL's agents would be placed into all major colonies, to prevent all types of conflicts and to record cultural texts. INTERPOL is a secret organization, masquerading as a Foreign Aid Nonprofit, "Home of the Motherly Organizations."
After INTERPOL's "fall from grace", the Organization abandoned peacekeeping missions, as they desperately attempted to restore the lost cultural databases from the destroyed Bookkeeping centers. They set their eyes on Ports near the frontiers, for possible cultural data that was lost in the stars.

A Brief History of INTERPOL
INTERPOL's conceptualization is credited to an unnamed Hylotl Philosopher. INTERPOL's HQs were placed on Oceanic Planets to protect the cultural information gained by INTERPOL's bookkeeping branch. Its missions were highly successful, their techniques were unorthodox but effective. Soon enemies began to see through the facade, and in a freak accident, a mission to collect redacted Miniknog documents ending in failure, INTERPOL was partially exposed
Eventually, the organization had a fall from grace, as it's Oceanic HQ, Volcanic Research Base, and several parts of the Bookkeeping branch were attacked by insiders, and outsiders. Spies, Traitors, and Opposed forces alike.
INTERPOL's surviving agents were scattered among the stars, placed in secret safe-houses and surviving bookkeeping centers, waiting for further instruction from Higher-ups.

There are two main ways to join INTERPOL.
1 - Through Kinship, a member who is related to a child younger than the age of fifteen can recruit that child into INTERPOL. Kinship recruitment is entirely up to the child's choice if they want to join. Once they join, they're asked to find a topic of research that interests them, like rhetorics or law. Then when the child has demonstrated successful abilities physically and mentally, they're asked to choose a tutor to train with. This tutor will take the Neophyte to their respective splinter cell and teach them. Once their training is complete, they'll be given a choice to become a researcher, an agent, or try their hand at Faculty Training.
2 - Through recommendation, when an archagent or a highly respected agent finds an individual who fits the requirements of an INTERPOL member, they can attempt to recruit the individual. Usually, they're asked to volunteer for INTERPOL. Usually for a simple task of procuring cultural data or fulfilling a short-term mission. Once their volunteer work is finished, and they've shown genuine loyalty to INTERPOL, they'll be enlisted (if they want to) into Junior Agent ranks. Where they'll go through similar trails that kin neophytes go through. Once they've completed their trials, they're enlisted as an Agent.

INTERPOL faculty is the highest rank one can achieve and is given to leaders of specific branches.
Archagents are Agents that have proven themselves worthy of leadership and have authority over Agents.
Agents come in many jobs, but their main united goal is to act upon the wishes of the Faculty. Here are the main three jobs.
CLEANER - Scrub scenes clean and administer memory-removal substances to unwanted witnesses
BOOKKEEPER - Gain cultural information from their assigned areas.
PEACEKEEPER - Prevent conflicts, internal and external.
Informants are not fully-fledged members of INTERPOL, but provide information to agents and INTERPOL Faculty.

Sydney | High Faculty | Human [DECEASED]
Yumiko Hashimoto | Bookkeeping Agent | Hylotl [DECEASED]
Aiko Hashimoto | Peacekeeping Agent | Hylotl [ACTIVE]
Yazzoo Parks | Bookkeeping Agent | Apex [STATUS CLASSIFIED]
Tethys Tethias | Bookkeeping and Peacekeeping Agent | Human [ACTIVE]
* Parks | Cleaner Agent | Apex [REDACTED]
Bee ** | Bookkeeping Neophyte | Human [ACTIVE]
Franny ** | Sleeper Agent | Human [ACTIVE]
Baigel Miffrey | Sleeper Agent | Floran [ACTIVE]
Glare * | Sleeper Neophyte | Floran [ACTIVE]
Port Lux - Gain as much cultural information as possible. Agents standby for more information

If you need an audience with the leader of INTERPOL, contact him at questioning twink sauce#5687

INTERPOL and the Home of the Motherly Organizations.


(INTERPOL is not affiliated, modelled, or based from the actual Earth Interpol, sorry for the misunderstanding.)

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Jan 1, 2019
Congratulations to INTERPOL's newest recruits! May the stars shine brightest on your newfound days.