FACILITY BREACH - C2 Correctional Penitentiary Log No. 432 SD: 3/31/3141


Roleplay Organizer
Roleplay Monitor
Dec 3, 2018
C2 Correctional Penitentiary Log -
No. 432
SD: 3/31/3141

5 Guards Injured
1 Guard Deceased
1 Guard Status pending

6 Prisoners Maimed
5 Prisoners Escaped*
3 Prisoners transferred to [The Rock] for further punishment.

*Escaped Prisoners:
Unknown - Age: Unclear - ID 406785
Hylotl - Age: 37 - ID 321672
Human - Age: Unclear - ID 401502
Glitch - Age: 122 - ID 370442
Avian/Cyborg - Age: 431 - ID 476171

Prisoner Report:

A riot was incited in D Wing of the Facility, followed by an escape attempt of multiple D Wing prisoners. This escape, according to
Prisoner Informant 459870, was orchestrated by 321672, 401502, and 406785. For further notice, we must find more secure ways to
confine beings with abilities like 406785. Response Team Beta was attacked by 3 prisoners, all of which are currently being transferred
to The Rock for further punishment. 6 were maimed in an attempt to fight the guards, sent to Medical Bay. Attempt to shut off tele-
porters was too late, as 5 out of the total escapees had made it out before successfully shutting off Teleport Access.
Eyewitness report states, 401502 repeatedly called 908671 out for his morbid obesity. The phrase "Fatty gonna cry?"
kickstarted the riot. 908671 burst from confinement and went on a rampage, allowing the others to escape with ease.