Event Faction: The Church of Flesh


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Dec 4, 2018
An abomination, created by Ministry general Arnel Yegor's experiments in the Aether facility, grows somewhere in Lux...

The creature, gifted with vast psychic and intellectual capabilities, is able to assimilate, dominate and influence minds from where it hides. It calls itself The Family.

It grows like cancer, spreading tumors underground and growing bigger and bigger, its power growing just like its size and psychic influence.

Cultists, their minds corrupted by the Family, have begun to appear. They worship the Family, and, in exchange, the cultists are given formidable psychic powers, access into the Family's hive mind, and new, pure flesh to inhabit.

The ones who don't surrender their minds will surrender their flesh.
The others will be annihilated.

The New Flesh grows.
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