Bug/Issue Error message upon beaming to ship

Discussion in 'General Server Help' started by SPLiTS3C0ND992, Sep 13, 2018.

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    Got this error message on joining server. Originally, I was in the exploration hub, but when I beamed to my ship I got this message. Now that I'm technically on my ship in the server, I get this message every time I try to join. Not sure what's causing it. I got it before, and after getting rid of some of my mods the message stopped appearing. However now I have less mods than I did when I was still able to join and I'm still getting kicked. This is irritating because I wanted to create a space station and I had all the materials I needed on my ship. Can I get an explanation or a fix please?
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    What mods do you currently have installed?
    If you have any mods that add assets to the game or broken items, that could be the cause of the errors.
    Another possible explanation is that someone else on the hub has broken items or incompatible mods.
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    Try beaming to your ship on single player, then rejoin. If that doesn't work, check if you have any outdated mods that modify your ship or any modded items on your ship. If there are any modded items on your ship, try removing them and rejoining the server.
  4. SPLiTS3C0ND992

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