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Dec 3, 2018
Name: Derrick W.
Aliases: P0ntiac, D A N G E R O U S - D
Age: 20sumn.
Strengths: Experience. He's dealt with various kinds of people for years now.
Weaknesses: Guns. They kill people.
Abilities: Heightened reflexes and senses. Faster ability to react. Skilled acrobat. (And they said freerunning blogs were gay,)

Taking a brief look back. All the way back to the year of our Lord, 2015.
It was 10:30 am. A tired 17 year old boy rolls out of his blanket and sits sluggishly at the end of his bed. He looked down at a floor covered in clothes, both worn and just washed. He'd grab at a pair of baggy jeans and a plain white T-shirt, putting them on with crust still in his eyes and dried drool by his lip. He'd struggle out of his small apartments bedroom and to the bathroom, where he then took a shower, washed his face, brushed his teeth, and finished by gelling and combing his hair into a proud crest of auburn glory atop his scalp. He'd then walk right out, into a hallway-dining room area and proceed to the kitchen, where he opened the fridge to find something to eat on a lazy Saturday morning. Cold fridge pizza. He knew what had to be done.
The boy, as cunning and intelligent as he was, put the pizza in his microwave!

However. Things were about to go awfully awry.
The microwave blew into a cloud of smoke and flame, and in a panic, the teen stumbled around and accidentally unplugged the thing halfway by accident. He suffered a great shock just before the impossible occured.

A rift in time and space tore open. Right there, in his own kitchen. Wether it was coincidence or fate, he didn't care. The place he had arrived at was all too strange.
As far as people were concerned way back then, he was missing without a trace.
And finding him was hopeless.

Enter Cenaria. Home to many. Or was, at least. The frightened teen found himself in a new, odd, and hostile enviroment. Without any belongings and no understanding of where he was, he asked a local for directions, and he was almost immediately directed to the local Tavern.There he almost got shot where he stood, questioning the locals' attire. His assumption was that they were LARPers, cosplayers and the like. He wasn't surprised when he had a laser sidearm pulled on him, up until a warning shot was fired. The would-be assailant was fended off by a helmeted Novakid named Ivan Methane, AKA "Fish", who offered that the boy learn from him some. And so he did! Much later, he was offered to join S.P.I.R.E, but the teen refused.

Skip a year ahead. Derrick found himself in many different confrontations and situations, and most of which he didn't get out of without taking a beating. He was young, impressionable. And Cenaria had begun to shape him into the cunning, untrusting and experienced man he is today.

Time and time again, he tried to prove his worth to the people around him, rolling with the punches dished out to him in hopes that things would get better for him.

But some hopes are just a fingertip's length too far out of reach to get, aren't they?

Shootout after shootout, assault after assault, brawl after brawl, he emerged without a life endangering injury or death. He had wits, cunning. Something his adversaries lacked in many encounters. Got him through otherwise lethal situations.

And then came along Tattered Flag. Terrorist organization, to simplify. They were out to kill a popular figure. Tall, orangish novakid. Couldn't let that happen! With his newfound confidence in his abilities, and a suit of powered armor obtained along the way, Derrick attempted to take out Tattered Flag operatives, or at the least, interrogate them. He was a do-gooder, and wouldn't stand for anyone colluding to murder someone else. This attempt of heroism ended in his armor, weapons and on-hand belongings being stolen. He was back at square one, and this time he had lost all faith in being any kind of hero. The best he could do now was try to warn their target, but upon meeting him he was shrugged off. At that point, he decided that interfering in other's problems never turns out well, and that it's none of his business to poke his nose into things. However, he did end up getting back at TF, and that was satisfaction enough for him.

Fast forward To the grand reopening of the Illustrious Port Lux! Derrick had found himself still without anyone he could trust or call a friend. Sitting in the Tavern, he meets a casually dressed man who offers Derrick a job. He could get rich off of it, and fast too. Derrick accepts, thus kickstarting the fledgeling dream that would soon erupt into the R&D and science Megacorp, OSF. It all started with an idea. Why not make weapons? Vita-gum and cures for diseases were cool, but there was a potential in OSF that was untapped. The Arms industry. The thought that a well armed man is a man who lives another day is what fueled this idea, and upon that, many projects started, and with the help of Richard and Ryan Carbon, cementing OSF a position of either fame or notoriety, depending on who's talking about them. The REX project revolutionized plasma weaponry while minimizing weapon overheating. The BABYLON line created more powerful guess weaponry, with a unique form of rail ammunition, and most of all, the ECHELON line.

Current day:

Derrick is an Overseer for OSF (Now incorporated with SPIRE), That commonly shirks his duties to be with friends. He is very young for such a position, but he was hired for his wit and smarts, not qualifications. His argument being that he trusts his employees to do right, without him micromanaging them, and that he's mature for his age. He is an active member, on a SPIRE paycheck and profiting from OSFs success. He's made many friends along the way that made it all possible for him.

He keeps a strong philosophy that conflict can be solved with words, and that violence is a last resort. A mindset inherited from a deceased lover. He tends to treat people with skepticism, and is very good at calling someone's bluff.

Thanks for reading, chieftains! :>
When around Derrick, there's just a radiant happiness coming from him. Enough to make others happy too. Being around him is enough to take the stress off of one's shoulders, and achieve bööling status. This may be some kind of innate psionic ability, or merely a friendly, optimistic personality in a sea of deceit.