Death or Glory - The Story of Romeo Squadron [PUBLIC INFO]


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Dec 3, 2018
Romeo Squadron was a group of poorly trained, hastily deployed USCM soldiers, genetically modified men riddled with technological implants to compensate for lack of training. From the Sieges of the Hylotl World of Machida to the Toppling of a massive if not gargantuan Floran stronghold in sector C-34d, Romeo Squadron was used as fodder in initial strikes, but carved through xeno forces and secured a certain victory for the USCM and humanity almost every time. Romeo Squadron, without a doubt in their superiors' minds, were labeled heroes. Romeo Squadron soon rose to become one of the most famed USCM squadrons at the time. But we all know the story of Icarus. He flew too close to the sun, and was burned for it.

The same circumstances led to Romeo Squadron's downfall, and the surviving members scattered after the fall of the USCM.
Rest in Peace, Heroes, Brothers. And to those who survived, wherever you are.

You served honorably. Thank you all.