Dax Bentley - Log: SD 3 - 21 - 3141 [Private]


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Dec 3, 2018
- Log start.

Gleaming across the night sky with a positively beautiful allure to them.
But never could I have expected that what we saw would be the exact opposite of what we were soon to receive. Fire, smoke, gas. Burning through the atmosphere as the objects made their way to the ground. With devastating crashes, craters formed in the crust of the barren untouched wastes of un-terraformed areas of land. We never saw ships like them ever before. Giant vessels, capable of withstanding such an impact would be inconceivable in the eyes of one who wasn't there to witness it. Then these strangers; God knows who they were, flooded out of every exit point in the massive monolith-like vessels littering the landscape. They reached the main gates by the thousands, toppling it with ease. From there, defending the city was inevitable. It was over. The smell of torched flesh filled the air. A reeking stench that instills the mind with an unrelenting sorrow. The cracks of Arc weaponry firing echoed throughout the air as the bleak night sky had begun to fade and be replaced by a new dawn. But that 'New dawn' did little to bring anyone solace. The Colony on Cydonia had fallen.

A few weeks passed. Others who had escaped, same as us, had gone to Elysium Mons. An equally if not larger colony rested at the mountain's base. We were denied entry. Not surprising, in all honesty. Cydonians weren't the best reputable of people. High and mighty, hoity-toity, high strung. It's how we were viewed by other colonies. Cydonia was a rather exclusive place. You had to be born there to live there, and visitors were kept on strict watch. Gaining citizenship in other means costed much more in Galactic Standard currency than most other colonies, and an extensive survey, tests, and mental studies followed. The Watchmen at the Elysium Mons space port laughed at us. As was expected, I suppose.

Eventually, however, we did gain entry. But only to speak to the Colony's Leader about the occurrence. "Boss" he called himself. A man blinded by an illusion of grandeur. He was an idiot, if anything. How could any leader of a Colony of Elysium Mons' size be so casual about his position?

The 'Boss' was already aware of why the invaders arrived at Cydonia's gates. They had a goal in mind. They wanted something kept deep in the vaults below the City. I'm guessing they got what they came for, because it seems they've left now. I saw those glittering objects flying across the sky again, and soon disappeared, obscured by the light of the sun.

It's always good to record these kinds of things in a log, as I haven't before. Reminiscing on dated events like the Storming of Cydonia only reminds me of how old I've grown, though.
..Maybe I'll make another tomorrow.

- Log End.
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