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    To prevent confusion over prices and the use of money in roleplay, we have set a currency standard.
    This will make monetary interactions more consistent and run smoother.

    Currency Conversion: 10 Pixels to 1 U.S. Dollar

    Along with the currency standard, we are announcing an official price listing for the tavern.
    Note that, people might forget and charge more or less than the exact amount sometimes.
    To clarify, this menu is to give a better idea on prices.
    It should not be something fussed over or blown out of proportion if it is not followed exactly.
    That disclaimer aside here are the prices (in Pixels):

    Water: free of charge
    Coffee: 35 per cup
    Tea: 35 per cup
    Martini: 35 per glass
    Wine: 35 per glass
    Beer: 40 per bottle
    Cyanider: 45 per shot
    Rum: 45 per shot
    Scotch: 45 per shot
    Whiskey: 45 per shot
    Cocktail: 45 per shot
    Vodka: 50 per shot
    Off-Menu Drinks: 60 per glass
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  2. Thomaslink16

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    Praise the Lord my suggestion was a reality! <o/
  3. Degranon

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    How much for the Bartender's kiss?
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    Yeah well it's free at starbucks
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    Take a glass of water, and mix some water in it for something delicious :ok_hand:
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    *orders 999 water*
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    Kek mfw
  10. Kiato

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    This sounds fun! I don't do roleplay often on ilb (I usually just hang out in the adventure world) but being able to actually order drinks is a nice feature.

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