Info CRP and Death Consent Mechanics


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Nov 29, 2018
What this Thread will Explain and Why

The purpose of this thread is to clarify how CRP and Death Consent work in roleplay.
This way everyone can properly know their options in roleplay and be able to make educated decisions.
Not understanding these mechanics can lead to issues in CRP and other disputes over the results of interactions.

Death Consent Mechanics

What counts as death consent being given?:
  1. Initiating a fight with another roleplayer.
  2. Retaliation in response to someone attacking you.
What if I do not want to do CRP and someone attempts to attack me?:
  1. You can action an escape instead of fighting the attacker.
    1. If necessary, clarify your desire to not CRP with the attacker OOCly.
      This way you can both figure out some sequence of actions to continue the roleplay.
      This is preferable to outright voiding others.
  2. If they do not comply with your wishes against CRPing just ignore/void the interaction.
    1. Note: this should always be a last resort instead of the first thing you do.
      Voiding interactions breaks the flow of RP by creating discontinuities in sequences of events.
    2. Also, this option is only available to you if you have not retaliated to an attack!
      Once you attempt to fight back, you have given death consent.
Can you rescind your death consent?:
  1. No, you cannot take back death consent being given.
    Once you have agreed to CRP, you must see out the interaction to its end.
  2. If you want to void a CRP, you must get the complete agreement of all parties involved.
    No less than this will suffice.
Combat Roleplay Mechanics
How are actions performed in combat?:
  1. Actions usually have charge or turn counters to complete them.
    1. The commonly used format is: (# of turns waited / total turns to charge action)
  2. General rule of thumb: Your opponent should always have a chance to react to your actions.
    1. You should always take turns so that everyone gets a chance to react!
    2. Attempts should always be used in combat.
    3. Your actions should be fair to others and not force an unfavorable situation.
How should I join and exit fights?:
  1. You should not jump into random fights that you have no prior context to.
    1. The following are examples of proper context:
      1. Sitting around ICly and seeing a fight nearby.
      2. Being called in by a friend, after appropriately attempted and charged call.
    2. The following are examples of what is not proper context:
      1. Beaming in to help a friend who has not properly called for help ICly.
      2. "Suddenly" getting the urge to walk over to an area where there is active CRP.
    3. These are just a few examples of what is acceptable and what is not.
      Use your common sense and do not make up silly excuses to participate in CRP.
  2. When trying to escape a CRP you are participating in, never do it in one turn!
    1. Whether it is a teleport or running away, you must attempt your action to flee.
    2. Your opponent must have the option of attempting to stop you.