Completely Canon Reasons why YOUR character knows about INTERPOL.

Jan 1, 2019
Completely Canon Reasons why YOUR character knows about INTERPOL.
  1. They actually listen to the news
  2. Your character overhears a conversation between two very idiotic INTERPOL agents
  3. Your character finds a piece of paper with VITAL information on INTERPOL missions.
  4. Your character sees their logo... literally everywhere... the logo is everywhere they plaster it on everything remotely INTERPOL related. Their toilet paper has INTERPOL logos on it, Jesus.
  5. Your character worked for one of the following: The Ministry of Knowledge, Lethia Corporation, Universal Space Corporate Military, literally any Library Organization, Kluex Devout Military, Novakid Saloon Worker Union, The Ceremonial Hunting Grounds Committee, The Glitch Kingdoms of Upper Space, or any organized Group for that matter.
  6. Your character listens to Modern Pop
  7. Your character bought weapons from INTERPOL
  8. Your character sold weapons to INTERPOL
  9. Your character eats flambe anything (77.78% chance it was made by a secret INTERPOL agent.)
  10. Your character stumbled across their many, many, MANY derelict research bases.
  11. Your character almost died because of a frying pan accident (That was me, my bad.)
  12. Your character received a delivery from any delivery service that operates on the frontier (There's a good chance the box has a few INTERPOL documents accidentally dropped in there.
  13. For that matter, INTERPOL documents just randomly appear everywhere.
  14. Your character accidentally entered a secret backroom in a specific Hylotl Restaurant.
  15. Your character drank a Caffe Mocha. (100% Chance an INTERPOL agent made it.)
  16. Your character bought a car from a shady car's dealership (INTERPOL needs a way to make funds for their constantly failing missions.)
  17. Your character bought a bag of the following items: Potatoes, Corn, Caffe Mochas, Cash Registers, Interlinked Chains, Puppy Snacks, or any item that seems really janky or poorly made/packaged for that matter. (Refer for the citation on 15 for the reason INTERPOL is related to this.)
  18. Your character met two weird hylotl kids.
  19. Your character met a very calm female apex.
  20. Your character met a very adventurous avian.
  21. Your character met an asshole human boy.
  22. Your character met a dudebro floran cook.
  23. Your character met a very important female novakid wearing a poncho.
  24. Your character stumbled on the ruins of an apex rebel space-station.
  25. Your character stumbled on the charred remains of a very large hylotl city.
  26. Your character goes to their local library
  27. Your character is a forum troll.
  28. Your character got drunk on a Friday night at Port Lux and had to be sent to the hospital (Okay to be fair it wasn't TECHNICALLY INTERPOL's fault.)
  29. Your character goes to Port Lux
  30. Your character eats at Restaraunt Nibandhaka.
  31. Your character is a member of INTERPOL.
Okay this isn't actually canon don't crucify me for this :3
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