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Discussion in 'Server Feedback' started by Xyzzy, Feb 4, 2017.

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    /stuck - Usable on claimed worlds where a player gets stuck and cannot dig their way out. Teleports to their ship.
    /naked - Applies the "Nude" buff instead of unequipping items, this way players can still benefit from armor.
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    There are people on the server who just want to go through the Starbound experience legitimately, as in going through every tier, and going to kill the final boss and all that, perhaps because they like the idea of playing with other strangers. Typically these people don't want to use mods like noclipping.

    I like the idea of /stuck, but I personally don't think /naked is needed.
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    I don't see how using a command is more legitimate than a mod. If all the mod does is add the ability to be unstuck, it does the same as a command would.

    Either way I'm not sure of the current non-admin server commands, try /help for a comprehensive list of those you have access to. The issue is that with pretty much every update they have to be changed.

    [Also these people on the server you mention just seem to be you :vaultboy:]
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