COMBAT SHEET: Shawn Randall

Dec 6, 2018
Shawn Randall (deceased)
Nicknames: "Tails" (known by friends), "Flying Shark" (professional moniker).
Race: Augmented human.
Age: 24 years old.
Height: 1.64 m.
Weight: 58 kg.
Cause and circumstances of death: A vicious necrotic infection caused Shawn's death on 9 May 3219. Shawn refused an upload offered by Link on the grounds of losing control of his mind, he was cremated on Samantha's request.
Biography: Born, abandoned as a Miniknog experiment, and raised by an adoptive family in a hab a few parsecs from the clockwise border of Miniknog-controlled space, Shawn Randall used to be a bright and happy little boy, but in 3001, the Miniknog stormed the hab and abducted him and his family, separating them in the process. Shawn found his way to a trade station in 3002 and ended up living with a travelling fenerox/avali circus for a few years. After that, he took under-the-table jobs here and there and managed to get ankle prosthetics from a ripperdoc, allowing him to walk. Samantha became Shawn's boyfriend until his death. As for that, Shawn had lost his lower legs in a grenade explosion on Port Lux, which eventually led to his death from a necrotic infection.
  • Very fast swimmer if he's in a tailsuit.
  • Surprisingly very adept at getting around without legs; agile with a wheelchair or when he "flops around like a fish".
  • CQC experience from being almost literally put through the wringer by the Knog.
  • Can hold his breath for up to three minutes (30 turns).
  • Can see clearly underwater due to bio-augmented eyes.
  • Able to dive to a depth of 1000 m (with a rebreather or scuba tank).
  • Usual advantages of species.
  • His legs are amputated just below the knees.
  • Can barely swim with the cybernetic legs. For this reason and others, Shawn prefers wearing a tail or tailsuit over his legs.
  • More comfortable in a tail or tailsuit than without one.
  • Fears losing control of his own body.
  • Severe distrust of authority. Tends to snap back.
  • Usual disadvantages of species, including human frailty.
  • Pepper spray. One turn to get out. Blinds organics for five turns. Has ten uses.
  • 12.7-mm (.50) Desert Eagle pistol. Seven-round clip capacity. Shawn keeps a few clips in his backpack.
  • 12-cm durasteel combat knife.
  • Holophone. Cheap, reliable model. Looks to be about ten years old.
  • Camera. Professional camera, basic model.
  • Heater robe (Samantha's design). This was made by Samantha Talonios, an acquaintance of Shawn's.
  • Wrist-mounted grappling hook, Samantha's design.
  • Black chamaeleon-padded climbing gloves. These allow the user to climb smooth surfaces. They don't provide any protection from blades or bullets, but are liquidproof.
  • Black tailsuit. Has chamaeleon-padded monofin for climbing. Liquidproof neoprene suit, but doesn't provide any other protection.
  • Cybernetic lower legs. These are pretty standard, with no extra features to them. They look like a clothing dummy's legs.
  • Rebreather / synthetic gill. Extracts oxygen from water. Doesn't work in anoxic water.
  • Heavy-duty waterproof hiking backpack. Contains Shawn's belongings -- books, snacks, a red sleeping bag (this is strapped on top when not in use; needs to dry out if soaked), clothes (including a blue merman costume), a laptop, and other necessities. 2.5 kg, usually with about 10 kg of stuff in it.
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