COMBAT SHEET: Shawn Randall

Dec 6, 2018
Shawn Randall
Nicknames: "Tails" (known by friends), "Flying Shark" (professional moniker).
Race: Augmented human.
Age: 24 years old.
Height: 1.64 m.
Weight: 58 kg.
Biography: Born and raised in a hab a few parsecs from the clockwise border of Miniknog-controlled space, Shawn Randall used to be a bright and happy little boy, but in 3001, the Miniknog stormed the hab and abducted him and his family, separating them in the process. He ended up being tortured and experimented on -- this included the Miniknog surgically binding his legs and forcing him into a tailsuit for underwater missions. After the Knog abandoned him at a trade station in 3012, he ended up living with a travelling fenerox/avali circus for a few years. After that, he took under-the-table jobs here and there and managed to have his legs fixed up by a black-market surgeon. Samantha has an acquaintance of Shawn's for a while now.
  • Very fast swimmer, especially if he's in a tailsuit.
  • Surprisingly very adept at getting around in a tailsuit, glidecloak and gravrobe. It's basically as if he doesn't need legs.
  • CQC experience from being almost literally put through the wringer by the Knog.
  • Several years of flying experience with a glidecloak.
  • Can hold his breath for up to three minutes (30 turns).
  • Can see clearly underwater due to bio-augmented eyes.
  • Able to dive to a depth of 1000 m (with a rebreather or scuba tank).
  • Usual advantages of species.
  • Due to his surgically altered flipper-like feet, he can't run (though he can glide-skip with his glidecloak). Generally clumsy on land.
  • For the same reason, he needs custom-fitted shoes (most shoes either don't fit or are very painful to wear), so he's barefoot or in loose flip-flops whenever he can be.
  • Can only kick weakly and is likely to trip if doing so.
  • Sometimes ends up stuck in a tailsuit due to his adipose bio-augs slightly inflating at times.
  • Fears losing control of his own body.
  • Severe distrust of authority. Tends to snap back.
  • Usual disadvantages of species, including human frailty.
  • Pepper spray. One turn to get out. Blinds organics for five turns. Has ten uses.
  • 12-mm pistol. Five-round clip capacity. Shawn keeps a few clips in his backpack.
  • 12-cm durasteel combat knife.
  • Holophone. Cheap, reliable model. Looks to be about ten years old.
  • Camera. Professional camera, basic model.
  • Glidecloak and heatrobe (Samantha's design). These were made by Samantha Talonios, an acquaintance of Shawn's.
  • Wrist-mounted grappling hook, Samantha's design.
  • Black hyperfrictional climbing gloves. These allow the user to climb smooth surfaces. They don't provide any protection from blades or bullets, but are liquidproof.
  • Black tailsuit. Has hyperfrictional monofin for climbing. Liquidproof neoprene suit, but doesn't provide any other protection. Can't walk in the suit (obviously), but boosts swimming speed. Shawn has a neoprene undersuit (which does allow walking) as well.
  • Rebreather. Extracts oxygen from water. Doesn't work in anoxic water.
  • Heavy-duty waterproof hiking backpack. Contains Shawn's belongings -- books, snacks, a red sleeping bag (this is strapped on top when not in use; needs to dry out if soaked), clothes (including a blue merman costume), a laptop, and other necessities. 2.5 kg, usually with about 10 kg of stuff in it.
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