COMBAT SHEET: Samantha Talonios

Dec 6, 2018
Name: Samantha Talonios.
Nickname(s): "Sam" (known by friends), "The Talon" (professional moniker).
Species: Floran, previously human.
Height and weight: 1.78 m, 54 kg.
Age: 24.
Biography: Samantha is a tinkerer -- and thief -- from Nea Athina in the Epsilon 192b sector. She grew up in a poor family and ran away from her shitty parents at the age of thirteen. When she was fourteen, she was taken in by the Miniknog and experimented on. They had turned her into a floran as part of a Miniknog project, using her for various experiments, and then let her go after the project was shut down. She has been on the run from, well, everything ever since. Despite being Greek, she can speak fluent Common. She greatly prefers solitude due to her inability to "turn off" her mind-reading.
• Rather agile and very good at climbing; hard to corner, especially when she's wearing her gravcloak. Skilled glidecloak user.
• Experienced tinkerer, thief and dumpster diver.
• Very street-savvy due to her life in the back alleys of Nea Athina and other cities.
• Experienced in stealth and ambush tactics; she'd make a good spy.
• 3-cm claws on both hands and feet.
• Usual advantages of the race.
• With her glidewings, Samantha is skilled enough to catch thermals, and use the occasional powered boost, minding the charge levels, to stay in the air indefinitely -- but this is too slow for escape.
• If cornered or trapped, she's likely to get pretty aggressive.
• Likely to get in trouble because of her criminal inclination.
• Unarmoured -- is very clunky in armour, as it deprives her of her movement abilities.
• Very vulnerable to magic and psi, more so than most people.
• Attached to her gravcloak and robe -- if taken, she gets aggressive.
• Poor swimmer; dislikes being submerged.
• Usual disadvantages of the race.
• Gravcloak and heatrobe with hood.
• Wrist-mounted grappling hook.
• Red bandana -- a sentimental item.
• Black gloves.
• Black boots -- worn in cold climates and rough areas.
• 12-mm pistol. Five-round clip capacity. Sam keeps a few clips in her robe.
• Police-strength pepper/bear spray. Five uses.
• 12-cm durasteel combat knife.
• Small box of stolen bandages.
• Zippo lighter. Sam doesn't smoke though.
• Tekhnion holophone.
• Flash drive with hacking scripts on it. Sam's a bit of a script kiddie.
• Various snacks and other odds and ends.
• Extendable claws -- 30-mm length when fully extended. One turn to extend or retract. If broken, 24 hours to regrow.
PSIONIC: Telepathic sixth sense. Can detect nearby telepathic transmissions, psi and magic. Senses all sentient surface thoughts, feelings, auras and emotions within 10 metres of her. If someone gets hurt within the ten-metre radius, Sam will sense their pain and experiences. Any attempt to block this succeeds. Cannot turn off ability. If Sam concentrates, can see through another's senses (2-turn charge in CRP); she can't see through her own during this; 1 turn to stop seeing through someone else. Cannot sense some novakids' thoughts; whether she can sense thoughts is up to novakid RPers.
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