COMBAT SHEET: Samantha Talonios

Dec 6, 2018
Name: Samantha Talonios.
Nickname(s): "Sam" (known by friends), "The Talon" (professional moniker).
Species: Floran (greenfinger).
Height and weight: 1.78 m, 51 kg.
Age: 24.
Biography: Samantha is a tinkerer -- and thief -- from Nea Athina, a human colony, in the Epsilon 192b sector. Abandoned by her tribe as an infant, she was raised by pro-floran activists (along with other florans) and is surprisingly civil for a floran (and naturally intelligent) -- however, the general stigma against florans prevents most from appreciating that. Unfortunately, her adoptive parents were killed by anti-floranists, so Sam had to turn to a life of theft. Using her adeptness with technology, Sam made herself (and her new human friend) glidecloaks and grapples. Years of living with humans mean that Sam has learned to suppress her lisp a bit, but it's still ever-present.
  • Unusually intelligent (120 IQ).
  • Can fly with her wings; experienced enough to use thermals to hover at high altitudes.
  • Rather agile and very good at climbing and parkour; hard to corner.
  • Retractable claws on both hands and feet, though with her wings on, Sam can't use the ones on her hands.
  • Very tech-savvy; can engineer and tinker together her own personal gear.
  • Very street-savvy due to her life in the back alleys of Nea Athina and other cities.
  • Experienced in stealth and ambush tactics; she'd make a good spy.
  • Usual advantages of the race.
  • If cornered or trapped, she can't really fight back, though she'll try.
  • Doesn't get along well with most florans due to not being raised in their culture.
  • Physically weak.
  • Likely to get in trouble because of her criminal inclination.
  • Attached to her wingsuit -- if taken, she gets aggressive.
  • Poor swimmer; dislikes being submerged.
  • Usual disadvantages of the race.
  • PSIONIC: Mind-sense. Sam can read others' minds within ten metres of her (any block attempts are automatically successful). Cannot send thoughts. Can sense others' pain -- this usually disables her in combat if someone within ten metres is in pain. Cannot turn off the ability and therefore the disadvantage.
  • PSIONIC: Psi-sense. Very sensitive to psi and magic. So sensitive that psionic and magical attacks have thrice their normal effect on her. Cannot turn off.
  • Wings:
    • Wings with small battery packs and wireless chargers. The wings can be kept in the robe's pockets.
    • Limited powered flight by flapping wings while running or flying. This is exhausting though; one or two turns of powered flight before needing five to rest in CRP; this repeats in a cycle. Otherwise functions like a glidecloak, allowing gliding. Two turns required (and plenty of running space or a well-placed grapple) to get in the air and three more after that to escape CRP. When attempting to grapple into flight, the grapple spot is reached by the first turn and Sam's in the air by the second.
    • Lots of pockets in the robe.
    • There is a toggleable gecko pad on each wing for climbing. Sam is dexterous enough with the pads to use them somewhat like hands in some cases.
    • The wings have built-in grappling hooks, one in each wrist; 25-metre range; these use toggleable gecko pads for sticking ability. One turn to grapple.
    • Wings can be used as contact tasers. On full batteries, Sam has six "taser shots" -- three for each wing.
    • Unable to use hands while wearing the wings, because they cover the hands and don't have gloves or even mittens.
    • Three turns to take off or put on the wings.
  • All of her late boyfriend Shawn's items, including his backpack.
  • Heater robe and cloak. Has heater wiring. Not a glidecloak though.
  • Red bandana -- a sentimental item.
  • Black boots -- worn in cold climates and rough areas.
  • Police-strength pepper/bear spray. Five uses.
  • 12-cm durasteel combat knife.
  • Small box of stolen bandages.
  • Zippo lighter. Sam doesn't smoke though.
  • Holophone. Probably stolen.
  • Flash drive with hacking software on it.
  • Various snacks and other odds and ends.
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