colorOptions does nothing, what am I derping up?

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    So, I'm trying to tweak an item to have different colors than normal when dyed in a few specific dye shades by changing the relevant find-and-replace directives in the colorOptions array for those colors, but when I try spawning in the item with the modified set of doesn't have any effect, and the colors are all still the same.

    Obviously I'm doing something...not right, and I don't know what. Any ideas?
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    You are using the wrong parameter.
    The correct way to apply directives is on the end of image paths.
    For example,
    "inventoryIcon": "/assetmissing.png?multiply=123456"

    For more detailed examples of how to apply directives, you should look at some of the modding mall items with custom images.
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    All I'm trying to do is simply take a dyeable vanilla item and change what color the item ends up being when you dye it, not completely redraw it into a new item (it doesn't appear to me that you can create a dyeable custom drawable, as when you dye an item modified that way it just goes back to looking like the original item with the new color).

    Maybe I need to be more specific. :confused:

    In an item's asset file you have a table like this at the end for items you can dye:

    That is what I'm trying to override. Can it be done through JSON and /spawnitem, or is it going to take creating a new asset, in which case I'm wasting my time?
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    DO not use the word derp.

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