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Nov 29, 2018
This is for the purposes of clarifying how the cloning process works and how you the user interact with it.
Note: I will use the terms revived and cloned interchangeably throughout this thread.

What is the system?
Every character has the ability to be revived by default regardless of in game interactions.
You may decide to not use your revives if you prefer the character to stay dead. It is your choice.
You can also decide how your revive will be done in-character.

The only restriction we place on how you "revive" is that your method of revival be reasonable.
Please, do not make nonsensical reasons for your revival explanation.
If you are not capable of being reasonable with your explanation, expect to be confronted by RP Staff.

How does it work?
When you die and want to be revived, contact a RP Staff member about it.
Do not just come back into the hub saying you were revived. This will get you punished.
Once you have contacted the RP Staff member about the revive, they will handle it from there.
They will do some checks to verify you are allowed to be cloned and then give you the result of your request.

What happens when you are cloned?
In summary, RP Staff will determine the result of your clone request based on:
  1. The character's count of deaths (More deaths means less chance of success)
  2. Previous debuffs (Debuffs will stack)
Here are some other details to keep in mind:
  1. Character specifics
    1. Each character has a maximum of 3 lives at a given time
    2. If you run out of lives your character dies permanently
    3. Your character can earn another life by staying alive for 30 days
    4. Reviving will likely result in debuffs on the character
      1. Some minor debuffs can be healed by IC actions after 72 hours have passed (OOC)
      2. Some debuffs are permanent and cannot be healed
    5. There is a cool down on character use as part of the revive process.
      1. First revive: 1 day
      2. Second revive: 3 days
      3. Final revive: 1 week
  2. Account restrictions
    1. A person can revive their characters a maximum of 3 times per month
  3. Special Cases
    1. For Security Team: decreased chance of severe debuffs and 3 day cool down.
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