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Nov 30, 2018
Okay so, many have done this before, I take no credit in making this really. Since the old one is long gone, figured I would bring it back cause I enjoyed it last time. Also, I'm aware there is a post similar to this, though that is for your friend's theme, however, this is for your theme. So, rules are as always, be respectful. With that said, I'll post my list of characters with their respective songs and music.

Morph: Funky Town - Psuedo Echo

Wattson: Papers Please Theme Song

Carbonado: Edelweiss - Oscar II Hammerstein (The Man in the High Castle Theme)

Bonus: SPIRE
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Dec 3, 2018
DERRICK!: Iggy Pop - The Passenger (Been my go-to for him since like, 2015. Sorry Outer Worlds guys, ily but this aint it :/)

DERRICK! (May and summer of '18, Events following OSF's Founding): Styx - Renegade

SPADES: Iron Butterfly - In The Time of Our Lives

PHI (Post-Cenaria): Ween - You're Just An Object To Me

CHASE VENDRICK: Stevie Nicks - Edge of Seventeen

BUCKETHELM: Sabaton - To hell and Back (Shitty Recorder Cover)
SIEGEBREAKER: Triarii - Emperor Of The Sun
MICK "AMIGO" REDDIN: The Animals - House Of The Rising Sun
SL-1M: William Elliot Whitmore - Diggin' My Grave
BRAXTON (Original): Frank Zappa - City of Tiny Lites!
BRAXTON MkII: The Heavy - This Ain't No Place For No Hero
BRAXTON MkIII: Garbage - Not Your Kind Of People
BRAXTON (Directive 1-03): High On Fire - Waste of Tiamat
THE ARCHDEACON: Bloodborne OST - Ludwig, The Accursed
DERRICK! Just one last time I swear. (GC, FRONTIER): Fucked Up - None Of Your Business Man!
DANE: The Clash - Rock The Casbah
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Dec 4, 2018
General Yegor's theme song is an odd little piece. It starts smoothly like a classical song, but there's a twist. The song represents very well the two mindsets of the character: the classy, Miniknog-cocky exterior, and the twisted technological beast that lies underneath, the part of Yegor that values technology above life itself.
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Dec 30, 2018
The Congo
Decided to update mine B)

Sterling (Cloned Human stage) - Sultans of Swing

Sterling (Cyberskeleton stage) - The Man Who Sold the World I like this for him because it reminds me of waking up as yourself- but something's different. Both in the way MGSV displays it and how Bowie did.

Custer MKI - War of the Worlds I decided to keep it the same. It really fits his original design well.

Custer MKII - Gimme Shelter (Just A Shot Away) Custer has evolved to be more of a spanner in the works for his opponents, but not an emotionless death machine like he was originally.

Maksim - Nikogo Ne Zhalko Maksim is more of a serious character now, rather than the blatant shitty 'funny eastern european hobo' trope. His attitude is more sad than funny now.

Also, I would add Vince and some other characters, but as of right now I can't think of a theme for them. Mainly because I play them alot less too.
Also also, mad credit to Derrick for that sleek ass format