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Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by TSfienn, Oct 14, 2016.

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    So, one annoying problem i see in RPs is, well, for example

    Cyborg Archangel Judenstein Butarch mkIII. Has 4 golden wings, a pointy white hood, silver badass armor glowing with magic and a giant scythe the size of satan's left ballsack.

    Now to simple-fry it.

    Angel Jude with a regular sickle, wears white robes. Now thats sick.

    I hate it, and so should you, when people make their characters as complicated as dragon ball z's timelines, universes, and plots.

    The easier the character, the more easy-ness and fun-ness for everyone.

    Guide Time!

    So, choose/ask to join a race or ask to make one...
    Hence "Vampire"

    Then, choose a basic attitude
    Rebellious and crude, Likes to be salty (like a 13 year old)

    Then choose a hobby, so when you don't have anything to do, just do your hobby
    Drink Russian white rose vodka until he can sing the Russian anthem in perfect East Canadian French.

    And now choose an outfit
    usually a simple color scene, like red shirt, black pants with brown boots, and a red top ha†, or armor. Just don't make it like a giant set of pink and gold armor cackling with evil green energy and yellow piss rockets the size of a duck on steroids

    Then your done. If you think you need more, add more. Just make RP easier.

    I'm Beggin ye- Demoman
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    This is a new account i dont have steam with me right now, my regular name is Bonky Boooooooye
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    too bad none of the rpers care enough to follow this
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  5. TSfienn

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    Ill be joining yall for halloween 2016 at ILB
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    I agree with this..

    Please no more RPers running around in the Penguin costume while wearing big wings then asking me if I want a drink at the bar as if trying to play a bartender ;~:
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    I'll have you know that studies have shown uniforms improve focus on the workplace. Furthermore, they've also proven that mascot outfits attract attention from all the ages and promote a fun time. It's only natural to make the mascot a required uniform! /s

    In all seriousness how can I take anybody seriously when I feel like the only normal bugger on the wall. I know there are normal people. They come to the bar and ask for drinks and ask questions about me and the environment. Where as the rest of everybody ever just loiters. Make conversation people gosh!! I'm very lonely...
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    Didn't know there was a dedicated community for this-dayummm
    Where do we set up our characters for RP?
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