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Nov 29, 2018
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General Information:
Name: Yushiko Honzenchou
Ghost Physiology, Onmyoudou (Taoist-derived occultism), Magic Creation, Urban Legend Embodiment, Clairvoyance, Spiritual Awareness. (Not entirely restricted.)
Age: Unknown (Thousands of years old)
Race: Apparition
Gender: Female
Height: 5'8 (Fairly tall)
Weight: Unknown (Assumed to be average)
Occupation: Hermit, Storyteller.

Note: Most of Yushiko's possessions are representative of Folk-Tales, Mythos and Urban Legends, which she has created for use in both assisting her storytelling, as well as assisting for people who may happen to require them.
Kagome Mirror: A metaphysical artifact that allows the owner to envision what is behind them, in this case, a form of Clairvoyance that allows them to thoroughly inspect the owner's past without altering time and space. Note: This item does not alter time, it simply acts as a highly visceral means of looking back on one's memories.

Lantern of Andon: A small lantern with a blue flame. Induces feelings of fear to individuals, especially when a scary story is being told.

The Tenth Dish: An ancient, ornamental dish made from ceramic with golden platings. Serves no special purpose. But if it goes missing, will cause restlessness until it is found.

Koujin Pearl: A beautiful pearl claimed to have come from the tears of an apparition, the Koujin Pearl is able to grant love, good fortune and joy to the person it is given to, however, at the cost of intense sorrow, first.

Arrow of Hiroari: A beautifully crafted arrow said to bring extraordinary luck to the user when used with a bow. It will always strike flying monsters.

Katashiro Doll: A paper cut-out of a Human shape, is used commonly for purification rituals. Yushiko uses this doll to help set people at ease and transfer their feelings of sin and guilt into the doll, thus removing the negative emotions.

Charm of The Night Parade: A small, gem-like charm. When held closely to the holder's chest, will make them disappear from the vision of people with ill intentions against the charm-user. Especially effective against Demons - will render the holder completely invisible for a period of time.

Malignant Decanter of Monsters: A small, lustrously jeweled ornamental flask cursed with a wicked spell. Consumption of the liquid within the Decanter is said to be capable of turning the most frail of men into terrifying Oni. Has no effect on Ghosts, Vampires and Demons.

Combat Information:
Divine Fan of Damascus: A Traditional Japanese fan woven with a fabric magically enchanted to be able to cut through stone. Can be used for Slashing, Cutting and Stabbing.

Infinite Scroll of Sugawara: A highly magical scroll created as an ode to a Poetry God, the Infinite Scroll of Sugawara (Sugawara Scroll for short) is an infinitely expanding scroll that allows the owner to write/etch/scry absolutally anything onto the scroll with no end. The scroll's usage ranges from writing an entirely new language, to creating magic, to writing the perfect story or even just making a shopping list.

Half-Splitter's Scythe: A large, sharp sickle cursed by a horrible Urban Legend. Using this sickle without a means of bypassing its rule (ie; being a ghost already or having the ability to embody any form of fantasy) will cause the holder to suddenly have themselves cut in half, seperating their legs from their body. Otherwise, this sickle is excellent at cutting.

Note: Resistances indicate certain skills, abilities or types of damage that do a small amount or no effect on Yushiko.
Physical: Gravity-shifting, Demon Magic, Bludgeoning, Transfiguration/Transmutation/Transmogrification, Bullets (non-elemental), Poison.

Psychological/Mental: Visual Illusions, Mind-Reading, Emotion Inducement.

Note: Neutrals indicate certain skills, abilities or types of damage that do average damage to Yushiko.
Physical: Elemental Magic, Elemental Bullets, Holy Magic, Pure Magic, Slashing, Cutting, Stabbing, Energy-Based Weapons, Sound Manipulation.

Psychological/Mental: Sound Illusions.

Note: Weaknesses indicate certain skills, abilities or types of damage that do more damage than usual to Yushiko and/or ways of defeating her without means of combat.
Physical: Sealing Magic (Ancient).

Psychological/Mental: Foiling her Urban Legends (Solving a chosen Urban Legend's weaknesses), Outwitting, Anti-Apparition Charms (Historical), Universal Disbelief.


- Yushiko is a being that has neither lived nor died, thus making her an entity that simply 'exists'.

  • Yushiko finds Humans and other mortal races fascinating, as they have a sense of humanity where she does not.
  • For a very long time, Yushiko was stranded in Cenaria.
  • Yushiko currently 'haunts' The Shrine, though instead of bringing about negative energy, she maintains its upkeep.
  • She is very fond of investigating events, and prefers to have fun during them. This often may cause problems, as she likes to withhold potentially crucial information to others.
  • Yushiko does not need to eat, drink or sleep.
  • Yushiko will never outright kill another person, and prefers to fight non-lethally, never going all-out. She will only ever kill someone if they pose a global threat and are willing to act on it.
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