[Character Sheet] Floyd Kelbner, Master Tailor, Handyman, Perfectionnist.

Jan 12, 2019
First Name: Floyd
Last Name: Kelbner
Species: Human
Date of birth: 01/07/3093
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Age: 47
Appearance: Floyd is a normal human man with tanned skin, measuring 1m71 and weighting about 67kg. he has Blue eyes, pink hair and a moustache of the same color.
Distinctive features: Blue Eyes, tanned skin, Pink hair, Pink moustache.
Job: Master Tailor, Professionnal Armorsmith, Beginner Gunsmith, amateur builder.
Hobbies: Sewing, Crafting, Building, Assembling.
Likes: Creating equipement or objects for others or himself, Trying new things, Welding, Steaks.
Dislikes: Seeing damaged equipement/armor/clothes, Not being able to repair something, being ordered around by someone who think is better than him due to some meaningless rank.

Abilities and Disabilities:
==> Master Tailor (He can repair any kind of clothing in any condition as long as there is the required material, and can also create any clothes that can be made)
==> Professionnal Armorsmith (He can repair most armors, save for the most highly advanced ones, up to a fonctionning state, as well as create new pieces)
==> Adept Engineer (Can repair most systems and create some basic ones)
==> Beginner Gunsmith (He can repair most normal guns and creeate them as well (This does not include railguns, flamethrowers, rocket launchers ... that type of weaponry, you get it) )
==> Amateur Builder (He can perform regular maintenance of building, or accomplish the basic tasks of building something like a house)
==> Happy worker (He's happy when he works, feeling a sense of accomplishement as he finishes)
==> Bad sight (He need glasses whenenver he needs to do precision works, as his sight isn't what it used to be)
==> Absorbed by his work (He's ABSORBED by his own work, so much so that without someone to stop him, he may very well work until passing out)
==> Perfectionnist (He refuses to give something wich he judges imperfect, and will hold whatever order was asked of him until he judges it "Perfect")
==> Craftsman's depression (He will go into depression if he is left without creating or reparing something for a while, or if he ends up destroying something he aimed to repair)

The local handyman with no hands ! (Let's see who gets this one, and yes, that's a joke potential, i'm not serious about it)

==> A Set of Exploration Armor (Medium Civilian-grade kinetic and energy shielding, Highly Advanced sensors and scanners, Built-in lockon mode (more on that below), Watertight and Airtight with an oxygen supply , reserve and filter, and also a small storage compartment located on her back)
==> A Civilian-grade 6-round Revolver, and a belt acting as both holster and ammunition pouch

==> His "Handyman bag", wich weighs a fair amount, wich slows him down considerably when running with it (It contains various fabrics, scissors, basic measuring and sewing equipement, a welder and a welder mask, and basic smithing equipement)
==> His Welder (Named Dragoon Mk IV) is a custom-made Welder made from highly heat-resistant material, and is able to go to the melting point of almost every metal or alloy, but requires time to heat up to those temperatures. Floyd can also Overload it by using all its "Ammunition" for a single shot wich goes trought everything like it's made of butter, melting off armor in a very short time, but only in a very small area. A Safety floyd built into his welder will automaticly stop the welder as soon as flesh is detected on its path, preventing it from harming badly any organics.)

Some people get born on war-torn worlds and have to scrape whatever they can to survive, others on peaceful worlds, with their whole life being pure enjoyement.
But Floyd ? Well, He was born on a very normal colony, not so far from Sol. Life wasn't hard, but it wasn't without its difficulties and hardships. Born from a family of soldiers, he was taught discipline, respect and honor very early in his life.

While others went to normal school, he was sent to a military school, where they trained and drilled them day after day. For Floyd, this life ... wasn't his... He didn't like the army, much less the idea of killing someone else who, just like him, probably never wanted anything to do with whatever conflict they'd be drawn into. He didn't like the idea of fighting for people whose only task in life would be to speak for the people... People they never met, never shared the hardships off. His family, however, wouldn't accept that, so he simply tried to find a way... SOME way to ease his burden, something he could do to get out of this one-way tunnel his life was going.

He looked for months, trying most of the side activities offered by the school, in hope of finding a task to soothe his disconfort and ever-growing depression. After a fairly large amount of various activities, he ended up in the first place in his life that he'd be glad to go to. The uniform department... You see, the planet on wich he resided didn't trust machines, at least not enough to allow them to take up every task, and so it was up to the soldiers themselves to look after their gear, or more precisly, it was up to the uniform department.

There, he found exactly what he wanted. he learned the basics of sewing, and smithing, sometimes getting drafted for a bit by the armory staff, wich he'd joined a few months before, but didn't seem like his call. Every day, for 12 long years, his life was an eternal cycle, occasionnaly broken by a visist by his parents every now and then, or when he had "permissions" as they called them. Wake up early in the morning, take classes, eat, physical training, more classes... And finally, the activities. The one thing he liked, enjoyed. His only savior from going into depression.

After those 12 long and boring years, he graduated, and altought it wasn't with flying grades, it was still enough for his parents to feel proud of him. He didn't enroll in the army, however, much to his parent's disappointment, and instead ended up frequenting the industrial districts of his city. There, he spent years in various companies and businesses, learning more about the only thing that he had ever enjoyed in his life, Creating and Reparing. He perfected his craft day and night, very rarely taking breaks, sometimes even fainting from exhaustion as he was absorbed in his own work.

After spending more than 10 years on his own world, he ended up making a choice that would change his life, he decided to go across the galaxy, meeting new people, learning more about his craft... There, he spent 15 more years going across the galaxy, meeting new people, who most of the time weren't human, and learning more from them, sometimes even teaching them his own craft. As his travels decreased in frequency and increased in lenghts, he began to think about his own life. He was a wandering craftsman, and despite travelling so much, he didn't have that many people he could call his friends... He never had any kind of love life either, and he wasn't getting any younger, but having a family would mean that he'd have to hang his tools, at least for a while.
Or, he could get another job, but aim to keep it as long as he could, this time, and form a "family" of his own. Not your usual family, just coworkers looking out for each other and their families...

He went to many interviews, but most didn't end well, as he didn't feel like joining them would lead to something good. During one of his attempts on a old colony world near Sol, not so far from his own birth place, he came across a job offer wich seemed like it would be fun, so he gave it a go and took part in an interview. His interviewer was a red-haired woman who was surprisingly young and serious. She seemed quite happy about his resume and his skills. The interview went extremely fast, as the woman asked question after question, to wich Floyd casually replied, seemingly getting bored as its went on. In the end, the woman gave him an offer, to do a month of trial, with a possible job afterwards. Floyd, out of curiosity, accepted.

Boy, was he surprised when he went to the actual "Work site". the "Office" was at the far end of a station, and was more of a habitation unit next to the dock entrance. When he went there, they simply handed him an EVA suit, and various engineering equipement, before sending him with one of the team. That's when he saw it.

A Mining ship, and a fairly large one at tha, was just docked there, in a state of desrepair and severely damaged in places, by what could only have been meteroids punching trought. He felt somewhat sad for it, as he approached. That's when the team ... Went for the dock to the mining ship. Was that why he had been hired ? Well, he wouldn't complain, fixing stuff was one of the few things in life he enjoyed, and he HAD joined in a few companies that dealt with ship systems, altought never directly.

The repairs went smoothly ... or so he'd like to say. More than once, he had to be carried away by the rest of the "crew" as they like to call themselves, after he fainted from overworking himself. He also sometimes messed up, his worst one almost killing him as he mistakenly cut a wire, wich triggered a nearby hatch to open and send most of the material, and himself, outside in space, luckily he WAS wearing an EVA suit, wich meant he neither died or got lost, but he ended up feeling pretty depressed after a failure of that magnitude, wich had cost him a few tools he had acquired over the years wich had a sentimental value for him. After a few months of working, the repairs ended up being finished, and he was hired full-time in the meantime.

After the repairs were done, he became a little ... lost ... His emplyer, whose name he learned was Lucy, became a bit busy with running the ship itself as well as the crew, so nothing much was really needed out of him, besides the occasionnal repairs of ths ship's systems. He began to depress a bit, and started using part of his pay to fuel his hobby once more, sometimes event training to make armor, or reparing his own suit himself with the knowledge he'd acquired, still learning more each passing day. After a while, The Captain caught wind of this, and decided to make him not only an engineer, but also the tailor and armorer of the ship, as she could see that he was both skilled and passionate about his craft, however, she warned him not to overdo it.

Soon after, the crew began asking for his help around the ship, to create or repair clothes, armor, sometimes even weapons or furniture ! For the first time in his life, Floyd was actually happy, he finally had things to do every day, various tasks requiring his skill ... his passions ... his craftsmanship. He had acquired what he had wanted, his "Family. Sure, it was dysfonctionnal at times, but a family is a family.

/nick ^#FF00FF;Floyd Kelbner^#FFFFFF;
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