[Character Sheet] Betty Kovidz, Chief of security aboard the Orion II, Stalker

Jan 12, 2019
First Name: Betty
Last Name: Kovidz
Species: Human
Date of birth: 11/06/3116
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Age: 24
Appearance: Betty is a normal human woman with Tanned skin, measuring 1m66 and weighting about 58kg. she has Blue eyes, Pale blond hair and is a B cup.
Distinctive features: Shoulder long blond hair with the right side cut much shorter, displaying a sort of wave pattern.
Likes: Doing her hobbies, Stalking, Knowing people, Helping her friends, being in space.
Dislikes: Being seen, Being wounded, Failing to follow someone, NOT being in space.

Abilities and Disabilities:
==> Can use "Lockon Mode" whenever in her Exploration Armor, this mode hardens the joints (neck, Elbows, Wrists, knees, Ankles) making it much harder, but also reducing her movement speed and ability.
==> Has the uncanny ability and skill to stay hidden from someone's sight if she wants to (She's still detectable by anything that's not sight-based, she also gets advantage if someone tries to hear her).
==> Was trained in the use of Kinetic weaponry, with a proficiency in assault rifles.
==> Has a very good hearing, thus she can hear at a longer distance than most folks, this CAN turn against her as very loud noise will affect her before they affect others.
==> Won't exactly feel bad for stalking someone, it's what she does.
==> Is Fit and healthy
==> Deductive (she will be able to find out quicker about a person's character or intentions)
==> Social outcast (Her upbringing made her less capable at social interactions)

None Yet Discovered

==> A Set of Exploration Armor (Medium Civilian-grade kinetic and energy shielding, Highly Advanced sensors and scanners, Built-in lockon mode (more on that below), Watertight and Airtight with an oxygen supply , reserve and filter, and also a small storage compartment located on her back)
==> A Civilian-grade Assault Rifle using 5.56 rounds with 30 round mags. The rifle is sighted with a red dot visor.

==> A strange notebook
==> Her lucky black cap ! (Kind of a momento to remember her family wherever she goes, she gets sad whenever she loses it)

Betty was never much of a talker. Born the 11th of June, 3116, In a Human colony somewhere near the Sol system. She was a late speaker, finally muttering her first words at age 2, even tough all of her other skills seemed to be in advance compared to toddlers of the same age. She'd often try to crawl off into the darkest corners of rooms or under any furniture big enough to hide her, and her parents most likely spent a lot of their time seaching for her around the house..

When she joined school, her classmates found in her a very calm and intelligent person, albeit a very weird one at times. She would often be noted as missing from her classes by her teachers only for them to realise that she'd been in for the whole duration of the lessons. She often preferred the backseats in the classrooms and somehow always managed to avoid drawing attention or sitting next to people would draw it. She never really made many friends on account of her ... Unique character.

This develloped in her teenage years a new hobby of sort. She'd often try to sneak about, and stalk her classmembers to see exactly how they behaved, as any attempt she made to become more social and friendly failed and sometimes even backfired. Altought she stalked them, she never really harmed anyone, and sometimes helped out some of them in subtle ways. Her parents, clueless to her new hobby and glad that their daughter was getting out more often, encouraged her to keep going. She also was instructed by her father, A now retired huntsman, the use of a bow and rifle in case she ever needed it.

After she graduated, she was left with a sort of ... Void. A lack of occupation. At first, she didn't know what to do, but after some time, she started taking odd jobs here and there, but nothing illegal or shady. She just ferried across space for most of her adult years, often stopping in stations for weeks, sometimes months to work and earn some money, but never staying too long in one place. During her travels, she learned to appreciate the beauty of space, and the enjoyments that went with it.

After one of her many odd jobs, Betty felt that she just couldn't cope with the void that kept growing inside her anymore. She needed change, she was lonely. She met many people, but never really bothered trying to befriending any of them. Her experience, or rather her lack of experience in social interactions meant that she often came out as weird, or akward, during conversations with others. This often made others uncomfortable to her presence, and they almost always started avoiding her. Depression guided her along the way for a few months, before she finally resolved herself to change, to be better.

That's when she came upon an intersting job offer. The pay was decent, everything was provided, and all you had to do was watch over a ship and keep general order aboard during travels and dock times. Betty resolved herself to apply, hoping she would make it. She met with the person responsible for hiring. Betty, after a quick glance and a bit of skill she had acquired from observing people, could tell that the red-haired woman wasn't much older than her, and that she seemed to be a very caring person.

The interview quickly went south as Betty was forced on question upon question, making her stumble on them, apparently trying to judge things like decision-making, speech and general intelligence. Her own awkward behavior and her not-so-develloped skill at keeping conversation rolling made it very difficult for herself, from what she could tell by the woman's expression during the interview. After the interview, the woman decided to give her a shot, and told her to take part of a sort of competition she and her crew had prepared for the occasion on a distant forested world. The event was composed of a forest trek with a shooting range.

Upon her arrival on the planet, she quickly found out that she wasn't the only one who was given this rendez-vous of sorts. there were a dozen of other competitors gathered around, some warming up. Betty waited a moment with the others until the woman with red hair arrived. She announced the exact composition of the event. It would take place in a single round, with 3 steps.

First, the competitors had to find and collect a number of items hidden inside the forest (A wooden statuette depicting pair of salmons, a casing and a very odd-looking pure white acorn wich was local and specific to a certain area of the forest), before going to the shooting range, at wich point they would have to use a rifle (wich would be handed over to them before the event started) to shoot three targets at different ranges before continuing, after they would finally have to run back to the starting point as fast as they could to both measure their speed, orientation and also confirm the other two objectives. Every single step would be evaluated and most of the track was in sight of at least one of the crewmembers to prevent accidents.

After the summary, the woman departed somewhere else and each competitor were handed some items: A backpack, A simple carbine with a leather strap and three small containers wich could fit inside the backpacks, and finally, a map of the place. After the items were given to each competitors, they all stowed the items as they could, Betty option to keep her backpack on her back and use the strap of the carbine to keep it holstered on her right shoulder, before every single one of them took place on the starting line, as one of the crewmember held a pistol high in the air.

As soon as the gun was fired, the race started. Most of the competitors went in front, going at full speed, wich Betty knew would be a mistake, since they'd most likely miss the items they were looking for and would also be too winded up to aim properly due to their heavy breating when the time for shooting would come. She used her deductive nature and skills to try and track down the items by following the tracks left by the crew wich had went to hide it, but unproprely cleared their tracks, after looking for the white acorns for a while, she ended up finding the den in wich they were, and she collected some, stashing them inside one of the containers, as she had done of the other two, before jogging back to the track and to the firing range. Seeing the previously firsts competitors struggle to aim as they were trying to catch their breaths still. She simply took one of the post available and aimed away, using what she had learned from her father to be more precise, shooting as she was breathing out to prevent her aim from being utterly off. After shooting a bit and missing a few shot, she succeeded in scoring her hits. She then quickly stowed her weapons and started heading as fast she possibly could.

On her way back, however, she noticed that a track had went into a much thicker and deeper part of the forest, but that the person's map had fallen to the ground a few feets before the turn, hidden in the foliage. She looked around for one of the crew that were keeping an eye out, finding that there were none stationned nearby. She then weighted her options, either win and possibly abandon someone to be lost for a long while, possibly even let them die, or take a few moments to go check out if the person was seriously lost and giving them back their maps. After taking the map, she started tracking down the lost person.

After a short run of maybe 5 or 6 minutes, she stumbled upon a grim scene. The person she was tracking down was on the ground, bleeding heavily from multiple deep wounds on his back, roaming the area was a Poptop, its claws, red, dripping with fresh blood. Betty didn't have to be a trained doctor to see that if she left the guy wouldn't last more than an hour if he wasn't treated, so she chose to unholster her rifle once more, luckily enough, she still had a pair of rounds. She readied her shot, as the Poptop approached the now uncounscious competitor to finish him off. She aimed, breathed out, and shot, the bullet leaving a gaping hole in one of the creature's arms. It started to look around for the source, interrupting its attack, as betty was reloading. She shot again, aiming this time for its torso. The shot landed perfectly, killing the Poptop, but Betty didn't have time to celebrate, as she needed to somehow get the man healed, or he would be dead. She took the man up, she shook the man to try and awaken him, wich landed no response at first, before a pained gasp erupted from him. She propped him up and helped him walk by supporting her with a shoulder. She hurried as much as she could towards the exit, hoping to see one of the crewmembers on the way to get more help to carry the man.

After reaching the track again and walking back for a few minutes, she spotted one the them and shouted towards him to get some help. Upon seeing them, the man ran towards them as he was getting a phone-like device to signal something, wich appeared to ready medical supplies and call a medical transport urgently. As she reached for the end, she sighted the other candidates, wich had all reached the end at that point. They, however, also spotted the group, and some of them hurried along to help transport the man. As the man was taken off her shoulder by someone who was a lot less tired than she was, Betty simply sat, before laying down, catching her breath. She never really crossed the finish line, her hope to win the race now long gone. She decided to silently depart the event after hading back the items, having clearly given up on the idea of having the job by that point.

She bathed in her own little depression for a few days, only finding some relief in knowing that her loss at least meant someone kept their life. After a while, however, she got a mail from the woman who had organised the event, inviting her to take part in a final interview to discuss the results. She hesitated at first, clearly not wanting to go there just to be told that she wasn't taken, but she went regardless since she knew that missing an interview was a seriously bad thing wich could really mess up her chances if she applied somewhere else and was questionned about it, and she also wanted to know how the man she found was doing.

She headed out to the interview with absolulty no expectations, since she'd basicly messed up the trials that were set up. When she arrived there, she spotted a number of her previous competitors, seemingly waiting for their turns, as it seemed that the meetings were running late. Most of them looked either sad, angry or indiferrent, but none looked happy, so she assumed that it was going to be the usual row of "We can't take you" meetings. At least a mail was a faster way to say so ...

When came her turn, she entered and was greeted by the red-haired woman. after speaking for a short while, she started telling Betty about her results. Her tracking was fairly good, since she had found the items required, and her shooting was actually quite good, as she quickly went trought her target before departing. However, she ended up coming back last. After a short awkward pause, she resumed, explaining that she had watched the event and the one thing that attracted her attention was what happened at the end. A few shots were heard when nobody was around the firing range, and someone returned to the exit with another contestant, heavily wounded. It took her a small period of time to untangle the mess that had happened to figure out everything. A Poptop corpse had been founds nearby, next to a damage portion of a fence that was around the area to prevent local beasts from getting in the area, and next to that was a pool of blood with a trail leading back to the starting point. The crewmember who helped carry the wounded man had also given Betty's exact description, and to top it all of, the only rifle wich had blood on it was Betty's, as a result of carrying the man on her shoulder, were the strap of her rifle was resting.

Then, she simply explained that her results were okay, and that her time was more than good, as she would've likely finished first from the info from the different people watching over the event, but what had intrigued the woman more was the very fast thinking Betty had shown, and the sacrifice she had seemingly done, accepting to sacrifice a possible victory over the uncertainty of someone being in danger. A security officer, as she explained, was only good to her and her crew if he or she cared about the people they were charged to protect. With that, she simply asked her a single question:

"Do you still want to join my crew ? You seem more than qualified and you appear to be a better person than i initially tought."
Betty eagerly accepted, joining what would become her new family, filling the void she had in herself for years with a sense of duty, and a new family.

She was then taken in by the red-haired woman, who presented herself as Lucy Alters. They shortly boarded Lucy's ship, named the Orion II, she presented Betty to her crew as the new member for the security team, before giving her a weapon, a kinetic assault rifle, as well as her new crimson E.V.A. armor, meant to both keep her safe, and act as her "badge" around the ship. For years after that, she kept honing her skills, be it intellectual, physical, or simply stalking.

/nick ^#FFF000;Betty Kovidz^#FFFFFF;
(Dear god, i think i'm gonna have to redo the last part of this story, dunno why, might like some feedback or advice on it)
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No offensive but the idea of someone using a 5.56 rifle with 30 round mags in the 31st century is a complete joke. Does not matter if it is a civilian rifle either. It's the equivalent of using a Medieval Handcannon in the 21st century, both are pretty much going to be nearly useless. Even today I find the 5.56 to be a really shitty round. It's main advantage is that it is pretty light and you can carry a good deal of it. Stick to 308 or 7.62, theres a video of the comparisons somewhere, but the advantages of more power over how much you can carry are clear. Take this as you will because most of this is my opinion, please dont be mad at me I did not want to offend you.
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Jan 12, 2019
@richestplayerinrs I'm not offended, don't worry. If i didn't want people to point out what seems wrong with my story, i wouldn't be asking for feedback on it, would I ? :)

The thinking behind the Orion's security team using 5.56 is that they're only here to provide basic security across the ship or defend the ground teams against very basic threats (fleshy carnivores without any real armor). Do note, however, that the ship's armory contains more powerful weaponry, but the only person allowed to grant access to those would be the captain, Namely Lucy Alters, and only if the mission requires it (such as if they went on a planet where they can encounter highly armored hostile lifeforms or such things). In these scenarios, The weaponry available might be much more dangerous, but for a simple stroll on a civilised planet, a 5.56 should be enough in most cases.
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