Character Sheet - Aiko

Feb 1, 2019
Name: Hashimoto Aiko (Aiko)
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Race: Hylotl
Occupation: Language Researcher, Communications Manager
Appearance: Pale-green skin, brown-ish grey hair, and red eyes.
Attire: A simple black suit.


Aiko is a language researcher, working for an Amnesty Organization known as "The Motherly Organizations." He has traveled to many planets and studied an extensive range of languages, which he compiles into large documentations and sends the information to cells in the outer rings for research.

Talents: Observation, precision, and detail.
Weaknesses: Perfectionism and self-critical

Aiko attended a Hylotl university, studying rhetoric and sociology. He attended with his cousin, Yumiko, who was a medical student. After graduating, both he and his cousin were scouted and hired by an Amnesty Organization known as the "Home of the Motherly Organizations."
Aiko has traveled all over the galaxies, studying languages and behavior from different civilizations.

Cryt-Tec Manipulator
Invalnorious' Overpowered Manipulator
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