(Character Sheet) 8AL-11

Dec 18, 2018
Name: 8AL-11
Race: AI

Defensive Equipment: They are made of metal and have a large left arm they can hold up to also protect themselves if needed, their outside plating is made of a Titanium Gold alloy (About 4 times stronger than regular steel), aside from their right arm which is made from a light steel, their "Head" is made of lighter Steel Titanium alloy that is weaker the the Titanium gold alloy

Offensive Equipment: Their combat capabilities function around their arms, Their Left being heavy with hydraulics giving it extreme grip and strength but ultimately is very slow, their right is thin and weak but quick and precise, they use the combined capabilities of the two to overpower opponents and restrain them, the rest of their body is average in protection, their legs being the most vulnerable area due to the weight of the left arm they are prone to being tripped easily or overstepping.

Abilities: Slightly Extendable right fist, Overclockable left arm that once done is unable to function for about a minute.

Miscellaneous: They tend to value restraint over murder, they also are equip with short burst thrusters in the back of their feet for lunging

Appearance: 6'2, Murky Yellow/Orange coloured Head module with a blue LED optic sensor in it, they also have an antenna
(Note: that one odd pixel on the left shoulder is not meant to be there, if anyone would like to volunteer to remove it that would be great, discord is Bobster#7661)
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