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Dec 1, 2018
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Tonya H. “Blitzkrieg”
Gender/Sex: Female
Race: Human
Born: 22 years old ( October 26th, Year ____ Sol Calendar )
Residence: New Earth, Sector 2-13a (New Brooklyn Station)
Home/Ship: The Scav (Model: 3016 Aegis Reclaimer)
Standing at five feet and nine inches, Tonya holds a confident posture and a cocky resting stance. She bares a full, thick head of wavy champagne blonde coloured hair, which she often holds up with a set of red-lens mechanic’s goggles to keep out of her face.

Her youthful guise (while in neutral expression) appears easily-excitable and cat-like, perceptively taking in her surroundings through curious blue-green eyes. Her gaze is intensified by lower lid eyeliner and a dark shade of mascara, as well as the soot and grease she so often comes into contact with in her work. Her visage could be described as 'cute', an upturned button nose resting just above the sneering Cupid's bow of her lips. Her clear-complexioned face, while rather rounded, maintains a visibly sharper bone structure in both her cheekbones and chin, giving definition to her often dramatic expressions. On either side of her head sits two rounded protruding ears, both of which are adorned with an earlobe piercing which she decorates with trinkets and interesting pieces of jewelry she throws together with wiring.

Her body is relatively lean, though she does appear to retain a proportionate amount of adipose to her face and limbs; consequently, her chest is rather small. Her right arm, up to the shoulder, is replaced with a mechanical prosthetic arm, though her remaining extremities maintain all their designated fingers and toes in their proper order, which cannot be said for all mechanics. All of these extremities, and those not listed for sake of modesty, are covered in light white skin. Those with a sense of smell would likely detect Tonya’s constant scent of gasoline, ship exhaust and smoke, carried with her on her clothing, hair and armor. She speaks in a thick New York accent.

Height: [Unarmored: 5’9” / 175 cms] [Armored: 5'11" / 180 cms]
Weight: [Unarmored: 146 lbs / 66 kg] [Armored: 190 lbs / 86 kg]
Build: Lean, Athletic
Eyes: Green-Blue
Hair: Champagne Blonde
Skin Tone: Rosy Ivory
Voice/Accent: Heavy New York Accent
Tonya "Blitzkrieg" Public Records (Property of New Brooklyn Correctional Services):
For Protected ‘C’ detailed information, see New Brooklyn Police Dossier. Requires NBCS 'Reliability Status' to access.

Tonya H. was born in Year 2996 on New Earth to Nova H. and Gideon H., in New-New York City's Brooklyn Hospital Center and spent the first half of her life living in Crown Heights. Tonya is the youngest of two, proceeded by her sister Kata by 4 years. At 9 y.o. (Year 3005), Tonya’s parents registered as divorced and she was relocated along with her Mother and Sister to the newly established New Brooklyn Station (est. population 8.5 million), a solution to housing a portion of the rising population of Old Earth New York City's Brooklyn borough. Gideon H. would remain no-contact until his presumed death.

Nova. H and her two daughters were placed in the subsidized residence of NBS Lower District 16. No documentation of Tonya H. would be made until her application to the lower-deck scholarship program for trades apprenticeships in Early 3010. She would be accepted in Late 3010 to the Zero-G Mechanics Program and would remain a promising apprentice until 3014, when she would be charged with Illegal Spacewalking and Assault on an Officer x2, sentencing her to 30 years in New Brooklyn Maximum Prison. NBCS details and documents regarding Criminal Acts between the age 14 - 18 (Year 3010 - Year 3014) are removed under the Protected 'C' designation, and may be accessed through New Brooklyn Correctional Services. Nova H. would die in Early 3015 to a substance overdose.

Tonya H. would become unlawfully at large after a prison riot in NBMP J Unit, subsequent to which she would hijack a vessel capable of FTL travel to leave New Brooklyn airspace. NBCS has issued a warrant of arrest for Tonya H., valid only within the local airspace. Though much of Tonya H.'s activities have been unknown to NBCS since 3016, it is reported she has since acquired an Aegis Reclaimer vessel titled "The Scav", begun freelance scrap dealing through scavenging of space-bound wrecks, and has been known to take contract work for profit. Further details only upon request.

Note: For OOC use only, please do not use the included information ICly without prior given consent.

Tonya playing UNO by APPA

Defensive Equipment
  • "Artemis" Combat Casque
    • Solid titanium-durasteel helmet, with ballistic neck-guard integration capability for the "DEUS".
    • Rather than an true visor, 360° field-of-vision is fed to an internalized HUD via 7 small 4K-Ultra HD cameras on the surface.
    • Cameras capable of viewing in both night vision and thermal imaging, with a smart assisted targeting system.
    • Audio inputs and outputs provided by fully-rotational feline-like 'ears', able to move independently for directional hearing.
    • One-way polarized metal-glass visor layer beneath reflective rubium-red durasteel shutter, in case of camera feed error.
    • See item page for full details.
  • "Dullahan" Exo-Utility Suit, or "DEUS"
    • Full body 'lightweight' rechargeable SOFC battery powered exoskeleton armor, offers enhanced strength/agility.
    • Constructed majorly of aegisalt plating layered in durasteel and AR550 steel, with titanium frame.
    • NIJ Level IV ballistic resistance and a KR2 & SP2 knife and spike resistance, total thickness of ~1".
    • Modified with an inner Faraday Shield mesh to prevent EMP damage to the electronics.
    • Self-stabilizing mechanism and geared servos allow for a 50% force reduction.
    • Spine’s gasketed hard shell sections joined with free-rotating mechanical bearings allow a 95% flexibility capability.
    • Armored over comfortable carbon-weave padding, set beneath a millimeter of graphene 'cloth'.
    • Provides internal heating and cooling systems, as well as air recycling.
    • Insulates the user from up to 1510°C and down to -270.45°C.
    • See item page for full details.
  • Dyneema Kevlar Vest
    • Worn outside of her armor, consists of polyethylene fiber.
    • Light enough that it can float on water, and has high energy absorption characteristics.
    • It protects well against heat based weapons (flamethrowers, lasers) but not as well against firearms.
    • It is stab proof, but like all things, can be pierced with great effort.
  • Composite-Toe Tanker Boots
    • Incredibly temperature, industrial substance and slip resistant.
    • Constructed of a combination of full-grain leather and high-tensile aramid weave, along with a composite plating to protect the toecap.
    • The rand and lugs of the boot contain a shock-absorbing material to take the impact of jumping or falling from heights.
    • Holster on the left boot for a knife.
  • Mechanic's Long-Gloves
    • Constructed of non-conductive waterproof thermo-resistant synthetic material.
    • Layered with a KR2 & SP2 resistant carbon weave to reduce cuts or slashes to the hands or wrists.
    • Resistant to temperatures of up to 320C and as low as -78.5C.
Offensive Equipment
  • Aegis Gauntlet-Model Prosthetic Right Arm
    • Large titanium-durasteel cybernetic prosthetic provided by NB Health Services, hand being ~8.5" thick and ~10" wide.
    • Equipped with Level 3 Hydraulics and Servos capable of 340-lb Grip Strength, 500-lb Lift Strength and approx. 850 psi Punch Strength.
    • Modified with an inner Faraday Shield mesh to prevent EMP damage to the electronics.
    • Utility tools include a thin 5m steel-cable grappling hook finger attachment, a forearm-mount for her holophone comms device, and swiss-army knife.
    • Basic hard-light forcefield generator on the back of the palm capable of creating a 12" diameter energy shield.
    • Benelli M4 Super 90 (M1014) auto-regulating gas-operated shotgun built into the forearm, and small glow sight.
    • M1014 has a custom 10GA capability, shell capacity of 12 + 1 in the chamber and is entirely concealed, save for the muzzle at the lower palm.
    • Standard shell load is 6 10GA aegisalt buckshot and 6 10GA durasteel-core slugs, all of which are leaded, ferozium-lined and plasma coated.
    • Shell type manually adjustable by an inlaid switch.
    • 2" diamond-tipped knuckle spikes.
    • The arm is insured in case of damages.
  • Fairbairn-Sykes Fighting Knife ( F-S Knife )
    • Durasteel double-edged knife which resembles a dagger.
    • Blade is about 8.5 inches, with a relatively deep and narrow fuller near the spine of the blade for blood-draining and lightweight purposes.
    • Typically laced down the fuller groove is a dusty coating of carfentanil, analog of the synthetic opioid analgesic fentanyl, a Schedule II Controlled Substance narcotic.
  • USP-45 Expert
    • Loaded with a 12-round .45 ACP hollow point cartridge, with tactical flashlight.
    • Additional 12 round .45 ACP durasteel-core armor-piercing clip.
    • Takes a turn to reload.
  • Tonya is a rough and rowdy street hoodlum from a sprawling metropolis station's slums.
  • She excels at mechanical and tinkering ingenuity, and led a youth as an urban scrap mechanic.
  • Tonya is known for her impulsive behavior, aggressive tendencies and temperamental nature, a true-blood New Yorker gal.
  • She is the adopted daughter of Orion Corlenda and Gouge Buren, sister of Jesse McCree.
  • Tonya loves oven pizzas, spiced rum with cherry cola, and big fluffy blankets.
  • Theme song? Theme song!
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