Dec 3, 2018

(Made by HexVoid AKA Hexxane AKA Gaiboi)
Name: Cephei Stellare

Race: Voidbound

Gender: Probably male

Age: Unknown

Appareance: 6'5ft tall, wears a large dark green cloak around his body with a white porcelain mask, glowing yellow eyes and black stick legs. Also a cute red scarf.

Personality: Despite his eerie appareance Cephei is actually very friendly towards anyone and will often greet or pat them even if they've never met before, he can't really speak however people have been able to somehow deduce what's he's thinking almost like a telepathic/ empathic ability. Cephei is also drawn to those who grief or are upset and will attempt to comfort the individual if allowed. Cephei is not all harmless though as he's been also known to attack those with ill intent against those he considers friends and will not hesitate to jump into action but quite frankly, if you find yourself fighting against Ceph you're most likely to be the asshole in the equation. Also has no arms so he just pats people with his beak.


-Voidbound's Curse:
An ungodly curse lays within Cephei attempting to take over his mind, unfortunately for the curse Cephei is too oblivious to fall for the curse's temptation. The curse itself is very protective of his host (ceph) and will not share it with anyone, any mind affecting spell or possesions will be quickly driven out by the curse like white blood cells attacking bacteria this however may render Cephei unconcious due to the strain it places on him.

-Cloak Unbreakable: The curse makes his cloak (and mask) virtually impossible to damage providing him with an excellent defense against physical attacks such as bullets, swords, lasers...etc, magical attacks however seem to be more effective against the beaked creature, though stronger physical attacks such as explosives or a big ass boulder might work. Toxic substances don't seem to affect Cephei. (It's like a bullet proof vest, bullets wont pierce it but he can still feel the punch, though you might wanna use something bigger if the idea is to kill him. Toxins dont work on him cause he aint got lungs or a nose or afunctionig nervous system, you get the idea)

-Path Of The Cosmic Wanderer: Cephei is capable of floating and phasing through most solid matter, clearly not used for stalking or anything.

-Greedy Noodles: Cephei can summon up to 6 black tentacles from his back while cloaked, each individual tentacle is strong enough to lift and squeeze a human like a ketchup bottle, Cephei tends to keep them hidden unless engaged on a fight. If severed the tentacles will take a few moments to regen completely, leaving Cephei without any offensive power (Unless he decides to peck your eyes out or luigi rocket your ass)

-Unravel: Cephei removes his cloak after performing an invocative dance transforming into a giant eldritch creature, in this form Cephei has increased offensive power with his large bladed tentacles which are capable to piercing heavy armored individuals but loses the defense his cloak provides like a glass cannon. (Power in exchange of defense)

-Cepheilopodus Morpholus Rex: Ceph can shapeshift into other creatures like a weasel or a snugget for no particular reason. His current and most used morph is human Ceph, he transforms into a good lookin' long white haired human, he can still summon his tentacles normally and his jacket works the same way as his voidbound cloak, if the arms or any exposed skin is damaged it would bleed a black viscous substance similar to his tentacles and regenerate. If too much damage is taken from the exposed parts he'll be forced to revert back to regular man bird mode. This form is mostly used for social reasons.

- There may be other abilities/ weaknesses to be discovered.

Lore: Long before the earth's annihilation, before the ruin, there in a cold remote village within the north pole a young Cephei lived, the bright boy always playful, always kind and curious, danced day and night as it was tradition within his people in the frozen artic, with no celebration unattended or song unsung it seemed as life would be bright for the young one...until the void came. A ripple through the very fabric of existance, a gateway to the void opened unleashing the full wrath of the dark place, as the gelid village was ravaged by the horrors of the abyss. Cephei watched unable to help his loved ones, for what can a child do against the void's will? and so in his despair a creature decended from the wounded sky, cloaked in green apparel and a mask akin to the days of sickness approached Cephei, it pledged he could help his family and friends, it pledged he would have the very power to conquer death, the naive boy in his desperation agreed to the wretched deal, his soul and body and mind bound by the void, as the boy realized his mistake the creature began to overwhelm his frail soul, knowing there was no going back Cephei bound himself with the Artic Prince, his very flesh turned dark as starless night, his face taken and replaced by the horrid porcelain mask, his legs, merely a fraction of what they were, his arms long forgotten, yet his mind, his mind fought with an iron will against the assailant, through time and time a silent vicious battle of wills took place until the young boy emerged victorious, but it was too late, his home was no more, and so...he wandered through the cosmos through and through wanting to forget and life as merciful as it is merciless granted the boy's wish, time took away the pain with the memories and with a new mind to explore the galaxy, Cephei went to adventure waddling and dancing and pecking and befriending every creature in his wake.

(Any questions, suggestions, nerfs, buffs are welcomed)
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Dec 5, 2018
Ehehehehe. It’s my favorite birdo/insterstellar explorer/eldritch meanace! I never knew that the cloak was bulletproof until now.
Dec 3, 2018
+Added new not so new ability.
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