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Dec 3, 2018

(Made by HexVoid AKA Hexxane AKA Gaiboi)
Name: Cephei Stellare

Race: Unknown

Gender: Probably male

Age: Unknown

Appareance: 6'5ft tall, wears a large dark green cloak around his body with a white porcelain mask, glowing yellow eyes and black stick legs. Also a cute red scarf.

Personality: Despite his eerie appareance Cephei is actually very friendly towards anyone and will often greet or pat them even if they've never met before, he can't really speak however people have been able to somehow deduce what's he's thinking almost like a telepathic/ empathic ability. Cephei is also drawn to those who grief or are upset and will attempt to comfort the individual if allowed. Cephei is not all harmless though as he's been also known to attack those with ill intent against those he considers friends and will not hesitate to jump into action but quite frankly, if you find yourself fighting against Ceph you're most likely to be the asshole in the equation. Also has no arms so he just pats people with his beak.


-Voidbound's Curse: An ungodly curse lays within Cephei attempting to take over his mind, unfortunately for the curse Cephei is too oblivious to fall for the curse's temptation. The curse itself is very protective of his host (ceph) and will not share it with anyone, any mind affecting spell or possesions will be quickly driven out by the curse like white blood cells attacking bacteria this however may render Cephei unconcious due to the strain it places on him.

-Cloak Of The Voidbound: The curse makes his cloak (and mask) virtually impossible to damage providing him with an excellent defense against physical attacks such as bullets, swords, lasers...etc, magical attacks however seem to be more effective against the beaked creature, though stronger physical attacks such as explosives or a big ass boulder might work. Toxic substances don't seem to affect Cephei.

-Path Of The Cosmic Wanderer: Cephei is capable of floating and phasing through most solid matter, clearly not used for stalking or anything.

-Black Noodles Of Greed: Cephei can summon up to 6 black tentacles from his back while cloaked, each individual tentacle is strong enough to lift a car. Cephei tends to keep them hidden unless engaged on a fight.

-Unravel: Cephei removes his cloak after performing an invocative dance transforming into a giant eldritch tentacle creature, in this form Cephei has increased offensive power with his large bladed tentacles but loses the defense his cloak provides.

- There may be other abilities/ weaknesses to be discovered.

Biography: Unknown ((WIP))

(Any questions, suggestions, nerfs, buffs are welcomed)
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Dec 5, 2018
Ehehehehe. It’s my favorite birdo/insterstellar explorer/eldritch meanace! I never knew that the cloak was bulletproof until now.