Nov 30, 2018

Name: Cawfay
Age: 601
Occupation: CEO of a cosmetics company, beauty influencer, apparently royalty lol
Height: 5' Weight: 88 lbs
Race: Serabi (Race sheet at the end of character sheet)

Don't have to explain the looks since I have art, so here are the picture references!

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Character Lore

Cawfay is one of few successful Serabi who managed to live a seemingly long life so far, their current host's body being that of a human supermodel. They pretend to be a mythical eldritch creature with blue blood flowing in their veins; a royal who left their kingdom to seek new, exciting experiences and everlasting fame. They will either try their best to intimidate anyone who stands in their way, often ignoring the consequences of doing so, or guide 'lost ones' and help them realise the point of their life. Extremely posh and snobbish at times, they appear to be extremely rich-- that is only half-correct, however, as the only riches they have is quite the selection of clothing, shoes and other fashionable accessories made from expensive materials... and whatever funds their 'friends' bless them with.

Cawfay doesn't exactly view most people at an equal level to them- especially people who present themselves as mere mercs or soldiers.-- they view such people as mere brutes, killbots... or their potential bodyguards. Even though they're obviously not a university graduate, they're a bit knowledgable simply due to being alive for so long. Cawfay likes to push others' buttons, and the nature of one's kind is something that drives them to get to know everything about interesting individuals. They flock to intellectuals and beings of an 'ascended' form, hoping to gain their trust- A serabi loves having 'friends', simply because of the fact that they could protect and help them in times of needs, even though they don't /particularly/ care for a 'friend's well-being... they don't show it, though. Only people who they get extremely fond of will receive their genuine appreciation, after all.

Offensive Equipment

The Cold Shoulder
- A beautiful, custom made, twin-barelled revolver-sized gun, loaded with bullets which are able to penetrate plasma shells. (I don't know what novakid 'skin' is actually called, but that's what I mean by 'plasma shells'... I also know nothing about guns, that's why there isn't too much specific information, so forgive me for that.)


Just racial abilities.


-They have a soft spot for non-organics, because to Cawfay, they aren't as disgusting as their organic counterparts. Cawfay also has a particularly soft spot for non-humanoids, as they are a rare sight.

-Not particularly good in combat... especially in close quarters. Prefers when others combat in their place.

-Cawfay's hair never seems to stick to their face, and their face-goop never gets stuck in it... how it works is truly a mystery. It's not even a wig, I'm basically powergaming if you think about it.

Serabi Lore

Hailing from the darkest, and possibly undiscovered edges of the universe, the Serabi are a race of tiny parasites that latch onto their hosts' faces and completely replace it with their own bodies, killing the host's consciousness and replacing it with their own in the process, therefore taking full control over the body. They may come off as intelligent, as most of them live for a long time, technically due to their inability to age as long as they are able to find new hosts without endangering their frail, host-less forms. They never say they're parasites, as one could guess, a Serabi with a body often pretends to be some kind of ancient god or royalty, as most of them, if not all, are self-centered and seek believers or servants just to be able to never die, as that is their main goal. They view themselves as lifeforms superior to all others, and will not hesitate to divide sentient beings into two groups; people are either bloodlusty barbarian brutes, or 'worthy' subjects.

General Anatomy
A Serabi's body has a crab-spider look to it, except for the fact that it is entirely made of a jet-black, gooey, and thick liquid substance that undergoes constant mitosis. Though this self-replicating ability might sound extreme, the mitosis process isn't quick enough for them to be able to grow into large size, but it is quick enough to make them constantly leave a trail of that substance that forms their bodies, the parasites unable to control this. Their 'body' size is usually about ~12 inches (30cm), to preserve energy. Due to having a singular internal organ, (one containing their own conciousness amongst other little things) which is located in their abdomen, they are able to survive a lot of hurt if the attacker isn't aware of their one weakness. After taking over a host, the only visible change to the new body is a new, flat surface for a face- in addition the Serabi completely replaces everything inside of the host's head with their own form, completely filling it with the black substance. They cannot have liquids inserted into those goopy bodies of theirs, as any liquid, even pure water, will give them an intoxicated state of mind. This weakness also applies to Serabi with host bodies.

Natural Abilities
-- Even though an infected host will have their eyes, nose, ears and mouth completely removed, a Serabi replaces those removed body parts' functions, as it is able to use the sense of taste, smell, hearing and sight all by itself.

Extendo-grip -- They may not have their crab-like limbs sticking out from their host when they are attached to a face, but they are able to shape the black liquid into a more solid form to use it externally, usually resorting to a tentacle-like tongue, due to the simplicity of the shape. The more complex the shape and the bigger the size of it, the more energy it takes to form it. There are limits to how big it can be, of course.

Voidjuice -- The black liquid itself is quite complex, so here are bullet points for an easier read:

-It's thick and sticky. A bit difficult to swallow, and it doesn't work like glue.

-Purely jet-black, but it gets a bit shinier over time when exposed to air.

-Doesn't mix with any other liquid. Heavier than water.

-It never dries or goes entirely solid, so it's always wet- but it slowly begins to evaporate into the air after a longer while (say, 3-4 hours) passes.

-Upon swallowing it, one might suffer from effects similar but not identical to taking antidepressant pills, and these include: a calmed mind, ease of pain, and generally a bit of an 'intoxicated' status... even though one's senses might slow down a little bit, digesting the goop doesn't impair limb movement, hearing or vision.

-24 hours after digestion, the person who drank it will began to think about the Serabi who created the liquid... but only if they met them before. If one hasn't met them but still drank it, they will just get lost in their own thoughts more often. The intensity of those effects vary, depending on the amount of fluid swallowed.

-Leaves a trail when it drips down stuff. Therefore, stains surfaces, such as clothing, with ease

-It's warm. That's it. Cools if exposed to air for ~10 minutes.

-If you'd look at it under a microscope, you'd find it to be an extremely complex substance; the constant mitosis process would be clearly visible, though.

-No effect when used on external wounds and aches.

-Faintly smells like peaches... its taste, however, is nonexistant.

-Heavily addictive when consumed in large quantities.

-Lastly, it seems to work even on non-organics.

They are unable to take over organic humanoids which do not possess an actual face, obviously.

The Serabi cannot reproduce physically- they make more of their race with special, high-tech equipment. One could question how they were created in the first place.
In addition, attempting to clone a host's body with a Serabi attached to it will only result in the host's body- their head will be empty, however, with a giant hole where their face should be.

They can hop from host to host whenever their current one dies, that is how they are able to technically be 'immortal', the only thing stopping them is someone capturing them, or death in their fragile, host-less form.

(Infection and host-taking requires the host's full OOC consent.)
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