Caster (Character Sheet)

Dec 12, 2018
Caster Nullfield

Casters PP pic.png

Before loosing all memories of his past, he was an abandoned baby adopted by a glitch tyrant. This glitch Dictator mistaken Caster as a celestial from the stars and an almighty powerful being. The tyrant believed with Caster by his side and as heir to the throne, his kingdom would be unstoppable; and none would even dare to oppose their power. He named the novakid, Nullfield the 4th. He gave Caster a persona knight named Rustwire Who would not only protect him but train him as well. Rustwire was basically his 2nd father, and was a good soul blindly following the Dictator; for he thinks the he is a good guy. Caster was used as a symbol of pride for the kingdom which has inspired the people to fight for their king. This was enough to make the Dictator's armada grow in unbelievable huge numbers. Although he was mostly kept inside to train with Rustwire, so he stayed innocent and naive. Caster being a species they have never witnessed, has inspired and both scared the people of the kingdom. The impact he had on their people has cause the genocide of thousands to happen. (keep in mind there are no novakids in their star systems so that's why Caster was so bizarre to them) This has sparked something in Rustwire that all of this is wrong. he planned to escape and take caster with him one day, but he should've chose sooner. The mass genocide was enough to catch the attention of the protectorate, and the legion was no match for their weapons. The day that Caster and Rustwire tried to escape was when the attack happened. They both got caught in a war field and watched the kingdom crumble down. And Caster Saw what War looked like for the first time and it has traumatized him ever since. They were soon taken in by the Protectorate However Caster doesn't seem to recall any memory past when they were taken here and has even forgotten his own name. Rustwire gave him the name Caster and made Nullfield his last name and tried his best to make both him and Caster forget all that had happened before. He had registered Caster into the protectorate and life was going well for awhile til you know.(We all know what happened to the protectorate) The place got attacked, they both had to flee earth; and now the're having cool adventures in space. Except for that one part when Caster was 18 and found a molotov and tried to dispose it by throwing it. He burned an entire floran village by accident, and the remaining surviving florans fear him. Worshiping him as some kind of god of fire, so he now techniquely owns a village. Due to how he was raised, he feels guilty for what he has done. And tries to compensate it by doing favors for them every now and then. Trying to rebuild the village, however unintentionally turned the floran village; Into a floran themed apartment complex. Since Rustwire recognizes his effort on Caster's 19th birthday. Rustwire made Caster the captain of the ship(a horrible decision honestly). They got some crew members and now, and now he has a sassy floran aunt and a loose canon medic. Who is currently Rustwire's boyfriend since, they hooked up at a saloon and woke up in his ship; both butt naked. So that happened...

Caster is a 19 yr old Novakid and is 5'7ft. He only recently became the captain of the ship.
He is seen to be clumsy and a try hard, He tries to act poise and confident. When really he's just a walking ball of anxiety and stress.
He has a lean body figure and is surprisingly thin. His favorite drinks are Tequila and green tea.
Close range combat and him don't go together, however he excels in both healing magic and at sniping.
His precision by far, is nothing to joke about.

-Healing rod
-An self made sniper rifle
-Too much band aids and salves.
-bulletproof formal vest