Bug/Issue Can't upload a zipfile for world and player saves

Discussion in 'General Forum Help' started by Nettle Boy, Aug 9, 2018.

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    A while ago i had started a new post in the modding group.

    It's mostly about using world savefiles instead of mod files for making an adventure game.

    When i was ready to upload a zipfile containing three files (.player .shipworld and .world).
    Selecting this zipfile took a few seconds to load before the following message came up:
    The following error occurred
    The uploaded file is too large for the server to process.
    The part that confuses me is that the zipfile is only this big: Size 3.32 MB (3,491,827 bytes).
    Even if it was bigger, it shouldn't have gone past the 48.8 MB limit.

    So i don't understand why i can't upload the zipfile or the world file alone.
    I hope someone knows what's going on.
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