BRR-21-01 Functionality test [PRIVATE]


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Dec 3, 2018
A button is hit, emitting a loud buzzing sound.

The low hum of fluorescent lights comes to life as a large warehouse-like room is lit up. In a generic stencil font, spray-painted
to the ground, the letters "OSF" are signed across the ground in a grid pattern in white, which contrasted with the brown floor.
A fairly burly looking armored individual stands tall in the middle of the empty room, standing perfectly still. Statue-like almost.

A row of turrets, meant for security and intruder deterrence, come out from ports in the ground. They aim at the armored individual, and
proceed to rain a hail of 7.62x39 rounds down on them. Upon coming into contact with the armored quartz sculpture of a man, a flash is
just briefly seen, and a slight field of distorted light is made around the user before it regains natural shape and effectively disappears.

Another turret, from the ceiling, fires a reasonably lethal rocket at the armored man. It explodes on contact with the figure, blowing him backward and onto his side.
He grunted as he got up. The same distortion of light was shown, but in a much heavier amount. small cracks appeared in the distortion.
After a few moments, a quiet harmonic hum was heard as the field reformed.

This was considered a resounding success, and the next phase was begun.
The same turrets began firing again, but with a stomp and outward push of the arms, a wave of distorted light, presumably some kind of unseen force, knocked the turrets's power out. This was considered a success as well. The field was shedded from the user and used to emit a powerful electromagnetic blast, that subsequently knocked the power out in the warehouse. The lights returned
to being on shortly, via auxiliary power generators that had not been effected. The same harmonic hum from before was heard a while after the field was shedded, likely regaining it.

The tests are a success overall, and the screen fades to black, then panning to a screen listing statistics.


BRR Shielding Test No. 56

Regeneration : Success
EMP emission : Success
Overcharge : Untested
Concentration: Failed

Desc .
As you already know, the receptacles on the suit (Arms, Legs, Core, Head) store ionizing radiation collected from direct exposure or background. Even in an extremely low amount, it is still enough for the receptacles to convert to energy and transfer to their emitter counterparts. The emitters use this generated energy to form the shield. The shielding is not hard-light, but pure 'repulsive energy'. We call it repulsive energy due to it's extreme effect on protons in air particles. It negatively charges the area around the user to the extent that it repulses almost all that comes in contact with it. However, this quickly grows unstable. And when it does, it simply shatters, and the receptacles and emitters proceed to generate another. Currently, Overcharge cannot be tested without the receptacles becoming fried, and the emitters simply releasing ionizing radiation into the immediate area. Work cannot be done to make an efficient compromise with the space given in suit cavities to fit emitters.

Concentration failed. When the Rocket hit Lockheed, our subject for this test, the shield failed to concentrate in the core area, causing him to take significant organ damage from rupturing on impact. Though, he was still able to follow through with the EMP emission test. He has since been transferred to a medical bay on site to be treated accordingly.

The cause of light distortion around the shield is not yet known. The current recharge time for a shield shatter is 3 minutes. [3 turns.]
This will change at a later date, when it is possible to optimize the shield technology. Perhaps even when the THESEUS IV suits are out of planning phase. THESEUS III isn't even public yet, or mass-produced, which is why shield tech is being applied to every further THESEUS III suit.
Shielding cannot currently be applied to OMNI-SUITS, and likely will remain that way in the foreseeable future.


This is heavily inspired by HALO Energy Shielding, but with my own spin on how it functions and can do.
Most of this is pseudo-science, and I'll openly admit it's dumb and made up. I personally believe you don't
need to be a scientist or well informed on science to make science fiction things, so pseudo-science is
fairly acceptable. Trying to apply logic and modern science to everything in an illogical scifi environment
just makes it limited to what can be done with modern day technology. I believe that should not be the case.

Just use your imagination, my dudes.
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