Bravado, The Shell


Starbound Builder
Dec 3, 2018
Austin, Texas


Alias: Bravado, 3's

Gender: Male Coding

Race and Details: Combat Robot, standard chassis in a full sand color scheme. Head designed to protect scanners and receptors, though it is mostly for show. Parts are easily replaceable. Combat proven design. Chassis is scuffed with weathering however holds strong. Limb areas consist of joint motors that can replicate human movements. Back mounted peripheral long ranges comms unit is attached for short and long range communications. Manufacturer information is printed onto the back of the units comms unit including serial numbers, and the manufacturer, a group known as "Kliani Industries."

Height: 6'2"

Weight: - 143 lb


Standard issue combat rifle, excels in close to mid range combat. Powered off of a small power cell that recharges itself after not being used in a firefight. After an overheat the gun automatically stops firing. The rifle is made of a decent construction and is equipped with a small hologram sight. It's weak against heavy armor but it's reliability and durability make it an amazing tool on the field. 70 Shots before overheat average. Recharge takes 2 turns.

Plasma Pistol that shoots in a short ranged but powerful blast. Shotgun principles, the closer it is to you, the more damage it does. Uses a recharge mechanic similar to the rifle, however with the more powerful plasma blast and smaller body, it takes longer to recharge and has a smaller shotcount till overheating, 8 Shots till overheat. 3 turn Recharge.



+Durable: Can take a beating
+Replaceable Parts: Parts and maintenance is remarkably easy.
+Fully Aware: Despite their callout programming, they are a full AI.
+Enhanced Senses: Receptors include thermal and night vision, as well as enhanced hearing.
+Weapon Handling: Knows how to handle their weapons.

-Physically Weak: Will not win in a hand to hand situation unless it is a disabled turtle.
-Lackluster Speed: Moves slower than most humans.
-Weak Binding: Connecting points are weak and can be damaged with some amounts of force.
-Speech Core: Announces what actions the unit is performing on most occasions, though it can be subject to change with software updates.


Bravado is kind of an enigma on Lux, he's deployed there for reasons classified in their briefing code, and has no mission statement. All he knows is that there's a reason he's deployed and he will fulfill his duty at whatever cost. Previous data records that have been programmed in show them as a some sort of excelling battle AI, though memories programmed are known to be faked to envoke a sense of confidence in battle AIs. He has a case of robot-amnesia if you will, and though he cannot express it for fear of shutdown, neither can he think it, but he loathes to be unplugged from the system and will silently try to declassify their motives to see if it's worth the risk.