Boris Sokolov

Dec 2, 2018
Appearance jazz: His age is somewhat hard to discern, but he has a beard, and black hair, so he's not a grandpa. His head has a decent scar, slightly above the right ear, which has healed well. His chest harbors a few small scrapes and cuts, but all are healed and well, as of now. He commonly is seen wearing black-and-blue clothing, but will switch if it will easily identify him. He almost always carries a "Plus Seven" semi-automatic pistol, which might identify him.

Offensive stuff:
1 Plus seven semi-automatic pistol, which uses 9mm AP rounds, making it good for penetrating armor, but the bullet itself isn't nearly as strong as, say, a 50'cal
a "Plus 90", fully automatic upgraded p90, which uses 5.7×28mm
A combat dagger, non-poisoned
3 grenades with him (He currently owns 10 in total, and replenishes them every week)
Grappling hook

Magic shizz:He can make a sort-of grenade on anything, and control when the explosion goes off. To do this, he needs direct contact with his hands and the object, and it cant be done on living flesh (Although it can be done to armour or clothing.). Theres no shrapnel, merely the force from the attack. It takes 2 turns to charge it up, but can be charged longer for more dmg.

Defensive stuff: A bullet-resistant vest and pants, dyed black, with the vest having a blue cloak on it. He seems rather fond of this clothing, and keeps it in tip-top shape. He also wears a durasteel helmet with bullet-resistant glass, and a communications stand which allows him to communicate with anyone he's given a comm link to. He also sometimes wears a sleeveless shirt and sweatpants.

Backstory: Originally a russian from an artic planet, who hunted animals, he enlisted in the nearest military organization he could find, because his family needed money, and he wanted to do something that could change things, and make the world better. So, he joined a military organization, served a few years, and then asked to leave, as he had earned his family a good bit of money. Upon asking, he was allowed to leave, and even keep his things, under one condition: Never fight against them, no matter who orders it, or what he consequence will be.
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