BLUE BEAK - pirate and pillager

Feb 10, 2019
NAME------- john thatch, known as blue beak
AGE------- 29
GENDER------- male
RACE------- avian (based of a hyacinth macaw)
APPEARANCE------- 5.11 ft tall. rich blue feathers with yellow fluff, blackish beak and tallons
OCCUPATION------- space pirate, robber illegal trader


Born on the spaceship queen Asteria's revenge ( Asteria is the Greek goddess of the stars) son of black beak, fiercest space pirate in the milky way. he grew up around pirates only knowing the space pirates way. during a raid he was in with his farther and the asteria's crew at the age of 16, he lost his eye. at 18 his father gave him a ship (the beak and bones) and a crew. he became infamous and powerful, just like his father. then at the age of 28 he got ambushed by bounty hunters. the bounty hunters took all his crew, and killed them. they then did something he found worst than killed him or imprisoned him, they abandoned him on a planet and did the one thing any pirate would hate, took away his pirating dignity. his family looked at him with shame as did everyone else in the pillaging community. He was a joke. but luck was always with him, he got off the planet on a small ship. he then went to port lux were he could steal a large boat, and modify it into a space ship. then he would get back to fame and show the galaxy who he realy is


blue beak is good at:

-pillaging and stealing
-tricking people
-scrap mechanics
-ship repairs
-gun fights

blue beak is bad at:

-stopping an addiction
-fist fight combat
-melee battle
-using common sence
-trusting people


will be loyal if trusts
smart but unwise


laser flintlock

heres a picture of him

hope u enjoy
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