Info Bacons are 4 years old! [Spawn + Events]

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    Four years ago Bacons reached space...
    Hello there Bacons! It's with great pleasure we are finally able to release the new spawn HUB and some small events that come with it, this is a special spawn because it marks the 4th Aniversary of iLoveBacons, it was over 4 years ago that this community was born to what was set to become the best and biggest starbound server.

    It's thanks to the users that belong and contribute to this community, the staff that helps to maintain, contributing and balancing it, the donators that help cover our maintenance costs that motivate the ongoing work that results in this also ongoing success of iLoveBacons. Thank you for being part of this community, member or a staff, it's thanks to all of you that we are what we are right now, more than a starbound gaming server, we're a family of tasty Bacons nobody can resist to, on what we call, the tasty side of the Universe, that has grown to currently over 53,000 members!

    The new Spawn Gallery: Click here to view.

    ILB 4 Years Anniversary Features:
    • New HUB: Central hangout spawn area, stage, bar, restaurant, cinema, arcade and more, perhaps you might just want to get a room!
    • Screenshot event for the 4 Years Anniversary badge.
    • Rainbow Llama competition.
    • Special Anniversary Trophy.

    The new spawn HUB:
    • Bacons are celebrating their anniversary in a massive cruise ship!

    New spawn screenshot event:
    • Take screenshots in our new Spawn HUB and upload them to win:
      • [​IMG] 4th Anniversary celebration cruise! - Participation badge for the Summer 2017 spawn screenshot event!
      • [​IMG] Tasty Token - Prize that is given in main events that can be traded for free games, steam cards and other perks in the ILB community and servers.

    • Visit Event Album & Participate Here.

    Rainbow Llama:

    Special Anniversary Trophy:
    • To Win a Trophy Now (for the badge read the screenshot event above)...
      :nom:To celebrate, "Bacons 4th Anniversary!" Trophy (15 Points), just reply to this thread (and wait)!

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  2. Boxofcuriosity

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    Oh hey, free badge.
  3. The T

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    4 years of tastiness, let's make that many more!
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  4. BubbleJuice

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    Looks wonderful! Happy 4th birthday!
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  6. Mors0

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    gibbe pls also happy 4th anniversary :D
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  7. Aelois

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    Happy Fourth! Needs more fireworks though, ehehehe... =3= b
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  8. Lake

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    when theres no lake memorial :'(
  9. Deatho

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  10. Degranon

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    I wanna bagel!
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    4 years of bad ERP
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  12. Don Falco

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    Great work on the new spawn!
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  13. gamer11997

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    Beep a boop.
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  14. Degranon

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    Wait a second...
    There's no statue of me on the screenshot! ;-;
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  15. Supertrex

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    Eyyyy :bacon::kierx:
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