Backstory thing, i guess.

Dec 2, 2018
(I've never been good at these, but hey, might aswell explain a bit about boris, right?)

*You pick up a holo-tablet. A dark-blue screen appears, prompting to login
. . .


*Some files are sifted through, till the one this threads about is found.*

Theres a man, One would assume is boris, although he's younger. His beard is gone, and he has hair, although his hair looks like he's crazily ran his hands through it multiple times, which, he has. His eyes are bloodshot, and he looks like he hasn't slept in weeks. He's sitting on a metallic folding chair, the camera facing him. Signs of crying are easily visible on his face. The view from a window slightly to the left of boris's head reveals that he's on a spaceship. He opens his mouth. "I...It fuckin' happened. They said it would. Said "If this goes on, we'll all be killed!". And we didn't listen. We. Didn.t Listen." Boris hits himself in the head, twice, right hand. "And they were right. It went on. They were killed. We thought we could win this. Us, with our garbage weaponry, and our soldiers, who not the day before had been farmers. And we didn't. Hundreds of us died, and more were captured. They were probably killed too. Or made slaves. And for what? So we could LOSE." Boris yells the last part, and stays silent for a few seconds before speaking again."And then, what did we do? Did we heroically stay, and defend our planet, so the innocents could get on that escape ship, as we had already taken so much from them? No. WE got on the ship. the commander said that the civilians would be fine, that the enemy wouldn't hurt them. That 'They weren't that ruthless'. And yet, as those very words left his mouth, i knew he was lying. We took everything from them. Their children, their land, their assistance, and what did we give in return? Death. None of them were allowed on. Our brave commander, the man who was supposed to give these people everything we had taken, and ten fold! And in the end, he failed. We were once an army, and now? We're just a bunch of evil, lying, scumbags on a ship. And the worst part is, im one of them." Boris begins to cry. About two minutes and 10 seconds later, the recording ends.