Starbound Mod Aurora's SB 1.3 Mod

I have found an issue when using this mod in-conjunction with Frackin' Universe and WEdit. I don't exactly know where to post this since I have yet to find a Git Repo.
But basically what happens is that you cannot normally use the ball tech and you cannot normally go no-clip with this mod. But WEdit's no-clip seems just find until it stops working somehow. I have been able to brute force the ball form transformation while going into no-clip but getting back out seemed to present itself as a tougher challege. I don't know if you'll fix this, but I thought I'd let you know of this issue.


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Nov 29, 2018
Frackin' Universe doesn't have any conflicts with this mod that I know of.

However, WEdit does have a known problem with this mod.
One, both mods are using the "special" key binds.
So when using both techs at the same time, multiple functions can be triggered at a time.
E.g.: 'Special 2' on WEdit activates no-clip; meanwhile 'Special 2' on this mod activates sitting and saving size values.
Two, when you have both techs trying to edit player position via no-clip conflicts are bound to arise.

The two mods just simply will not work well together.
The only thing I can suggest to you is to not use both the mods at the same time.