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Jan 19, 2019
The goddess is a woman of great power, able to revive the dead and grant her followers the power of ice. Only one man has ever seen her, Stiel Ferrous Ironcor, the pope.
Stiel, at the age of 52 battled an ice god, with strong magical powers in a cave, with his daughter and his friends. After stabbing the knight in the head, the mountain began collapsing. Stiel saved his friends and daughter by holding his blade to the roof above him, and held the entirety of the mountain by himself, for a brief moment. After his daughter and his friends escaped, he gave in to the force of the mountain, and was crushed under it. As the mountain came down, his sword fell onto him, stabbing him in the face. After this, the blade held the entirety of the mountain for months, still through the head of the fallen lord. Until, the goddess came and lifted the mountain by herself, and then revived the lord, and giving him a cold heart, which allowed him to breathe ice. His sword was recovered, also being fused with ice. The goddess then gave him his duty, to purge sin from the universe and save it from destruction. He wrote these down in a legendary book, called the Asgardion.

1. Fire. An open flame can lead to destruction, the killing of other living beings, and the survival of organics, who rely on it in order to survive. Fire is what is told to be the end of the universe, and should be extinguished at any time possible. With no heat, the universe can't be burnt.
2. Adultery. You should never forget the love of your other half, forgetting this is evil, unfair, and should never be allowed. You may only leave your loved one if the pope deems your relationship unacceptable.
3. Alcoholism. Alcohol is flammable, and causes many to make stupid decisions. Do not touch, do not drink, to not pass by it. You must eradicate it, and water it down in order to stop it from ever being used.
4. Organics. Any and all organic beings should not be allowed to live. They kill and cause war, rape, drink, and light fires. They will end the universe, enslave us all, and worst of everything, Some think they're better than us. Allow the smart ones to live, as long as they know they're the issue and will not get in our way. If they get in the way of our goal, or think we're below them for following such, slay them.