Arnel Yegor, Miniknog General


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Dec 4, 2018

File 787291: Yegor, Arnel
Miniknog Military Profile:


- General (photonic research division, fifth division)
- Field Agent (current location: Port Lux)

For a question of security, the rest of the status information has been censored.

Physical Characteristics:
  • Age: 93
  • Height: 6'2''
  • Unarmored Weight: 64 kg
  • Fur and Skin Colour: White/white
  • Other Information: Due to old age, Arnel Yegor has been given a new body to continue field operations. The new body is biomechanical in nature, and incorporates, at the level of the wrists, special augments made to connect with holobracelets for easier use, and faster tought activation.
For a question of security, additional information on Arnel Yegor's new body has been censored.

Armor, Weaponry and Technology:

- Standard Miniknog General Armor:
Arnel Yegor wears this light carbon armor over his clothes in most situations. The armor is made to represent his status and protect him in case of surprise attacks.
- Custom Holo-Printed Titanium Armor:
Arnel Yegor can use his holobracelets (/2 charge) to holoprint this custom armor right over his standard armor, as the two different pieces of armor can clip together. The custom armor is made of a titanium alloy made to resist high amounts of focused pressure, such as the pressure generated by a bullet. The armor features many moving plates to allow for greater agility, at the cost of protection at certain areas: the armpits, behind the knees, and at the sides.
- X-243 Bio-Protection Helmet:
Arnel Yegor's helmet is made of a titanium alloy, with carbon-reinforced glass to allow for a wide field of view. The helmet features an atmosphere filtering system, and an oxygen reserve. The helmet's structure can be holoprinted instantly to clip on his standard's armor neckpiece.
- B-96F Holobracelets:
Arnel Yegor's new body has been engineered to support the use of two holobracelets. These advanced ring-shaped devices serve multiple purposes: communication, scanning, energy relay system, and holoprinting. Without functional holobracelets, Yegor cannot holoprint his titanium armor, or use his weapons.
- Unstable hardlight shield prototype:
Arnel Yegor's left holobracelet can generate a circular hardlight shield, that can cover his entire body if he crouches. The shield's durability is of (5/5). Blocking an attack such as a bullet costs a single durability point: blocking explosions always costs two or more durability points. Although the shield can be holoprinted almost instantly on the basis of a tought command, it cannot regenerate durability points while active. If the shield's durability reaches 0, it will deactivate automatically.
- Hardlight Vibrorapier prototype:
This weapon was made by Yegor himself after the second major breakthrough on hardlight projection research. The rapier, while deactivated, only consists of a titanium handle. When activated, a thin, quickly vibrating rod of hardlight is produced as a blade. This is the only Miniknog-known bladed weapon meant to be wielded by an Apex that can cut through impervium sheets in under a minute. The rapier and shield can never be active at the same time, as they draw energy from the same source and are quite energy-costly to be kept activated. The rapier can be activated or deactivated by tought, like the shield: activating the rapier deactivates the shield, and vice-versa.
- Refraction Cloak:
For a /2 charge, Arnel Yegor can activate a field around his armor that makes him near-invisible. This invisibility is broken if Yegor activates his shield or his rapier, if Yegor is damaged, or if an EMP is active.

For a question of security, the model numbers of Arnel Yegor's current equipment have been censored, as well as schematics for his prototypes.

Additionnal Information:

- Psychological Characteristics:
Yegor has been described as extremely loyal throughout his entire career, with no known unorthodox behaviour. Recent psychological evaluations have revealed that Arnel Yegor feels pride and responsability about his promotion to the rank of general, and that he has a stable mindset. Arnel Yegor seems to accept Big Ape's role as a guide and leader completely, and has shown a reasonable amount of disgust towards traitors, rebels, and members of the lower species.
- History in the Miniknog Military:
Arnel Yegor was, at first, a drone engineers for the fifth division. He designed the Angelic Series drones for recon on difficult terrain, in order to fight the Floran troops on their own planets. After miraculously surviving a rebel attack on the drone-engineering facility he led, Yegor was enhanced with artificial muscle tissue to repair his shredded legs.
He continued to work as a drone engineer, and was eventually promoted to work on both genetic studies and hardlight research. His enhanced intellect impressed his comrades, and Yegor contributed to two major breakthroughs concerning hardlight research. The second breakthrough was the basis on which he was promoted to the role of general, and given a new body to be allowed to test his advanced hardlight weaponry on terrain. Yegor has recently been sent to Port Lux in order to [CENSORED].
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