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    BCash: ß 500
    Character name: Aria Kluex
    Character age: 22
    Gender: Female
    Sexual Orientation: Lesbian
    Character Race: Avian
    Appearance: Pink hair, with twintails. Light Purple plumage, and white belly plumage.
    Wardrobe: Random (I'll especify outfits later)
    Personality: She has too many personalities, one with each outfit. (specified later too)

    Character background (sorry, my english is horrible ;-;): Aria came from an inexistent avian planet. It was destroyed long ago (she doesn't know that). She doesn't remember anything of her past. The only thing she knows is that she has "Kluex" as second name, the name of the avian supreme god. Is she a descendant of his lineage?

    Aria was raised by humans, and she learned a lot of things of them. Technology, weapons handle, videogames, cosplay, anime, jokes... she got a special interest on cosplay, and adopt many personalities in a very short space of time. Is a bit... "crazy". And too random to handle sometimes. (She can even break the 4th wall, heck!)

    When she reached 18 years old, she started to travel throught the universe to know more people and see if she discovers something about her past. But, in the end, the only thing she wants, is to make more friends, and enjoy her long trip.

    Well, here comes her Wardrobe specifications!:

    Normal Outfit: Butterfly Wings, Avian shirt and avian skirt: The wings are fake of course. But she thinks that are really cute. With the normal outfit you can see her real personality: shy, sweet, and addict to videogames and anime.

    Ice Suit: With this cosplay of an icy guy, she turns into a punmaker, and everytime she meets someone for the first time, she uses it.

    Alpaca suit: Cosplaying an Alpaca, she does possitive coments (too optimistic) about things she is seeing, hearing from other characters, etc. Is obviously a form of joking.

    Penguin suit: Cosplaying a Penguin, she does hilarious coments about things, (prinny comments in Disgaea! like that!). Jokes, jokes everywhere!

    Invisible suit: She thinks that she's a ninja, and do derp things with this one.

    Kluex elite guard armor: She uses this cosplay when is angry

    Skull mask: Is Bonesome to feel Bonely (?)

    Dark disguise: She uses it when she's sad

    Knight helm: She uses it to talk in medieval glitch language, for joking purpose

    Plague master mask: She uses it to analyze and diagnosticate several situations

    Extra: Color Text - Can express some emotions. (But takes sometime if is ranbow :'D)

    I'm inexperienced so idk about how it will go, let's give it a shot! :D

    I hope that you found the character interesting :3 Thank you for reading!
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    How much do you charge for a night
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    Super kawaii desu avian.
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    I logged in for the first time in months to say that I regret opening and that coffee stole the words right out of my mouth
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