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Thoughts on these ideas?

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  1. Hail

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    (IC Information, hosted on a public website. None of this is in any form strictly Cannon. I just like to write about my own versions of magic stuff.)

    Here I will document some of the things I've learned while moving throughout the different systems.

    Red Space Zone: A stretch of space that is dominated by magical chaotic and dark energies, massive beings of great arcane might wander the crimson tinted stars. A being that has any semblance of arcane affinity will begin to feel a minor discomfort when in this area, but nothing too terrible should happen unless you stay within a Red Space Zone for an extended period of time. I suggest that you get some hefty ship shielding as well.

    The Soul: Really depends on the being in question. I've come to find out that a lot of beings have vastly different souls, some don't even have any souls. The Soul is not a concrete concept for anything in the universe, it really

    Arcane Affinity: This relates to one's ability to produce magic abilities through many different methods. I personally draw magic from the ambient energy around me, or in extreme cases, I use my own life force to perform magic.

    Arcane Crystals: This is an easier topic to discuss. Arcane Crystals appear when large amounts of ambient magic energy is forced into a small area, or when a mundane crystal is taken and flooded with arcane energy. These crystals can be used for many different purposes.

    The Undead, Silver, and Light Magic: This is all based on what I've experienced and how I've seen my own stuff work, due to the arcane nature of this, things may work differently for you.
    Silver is a very common material these days, and is frequently used in the field of monster hunting, due to the fact that most Undead beings have a great aversion to it. Some spirits even dread the material due to it's ability to strike incorporeal entities and disable demonic healing factors, although I have heard cases where silver failed to do both of those.
    Most Undead also have an aversion to salt, although greatly less so than silver. A common trick is to line your doorway with salt to block the path of demons and spirits, this has actually worked for me several times, yet has failed once or twice.
    Most if not all Undead are weak to Light Magic, some are even harmed by a basic Flashbang style spell that quickly floods the area with light. Demons have a slightly lesser weakness to Light Magic than most Undead do, but it's still their and noteworthy.

    Vorpal Runes: A runic language that includes sharp edges, and abrupt turns in it's designs. I am willing to teach anyone interested. Great for infusing violent enchantments that augment things the mind registers as a weapon.
    Ancient Text: We all have seen Ancient Text once or twice in our lives. It's fairly strange to look at. It's also very useful for making runic enchantments that make use of a lot of complex arcane systems.
    Abyssal Runes: Slithering and organic shapes that make my skin crawl. I don't know this runic language like, at all. I think they're used for mind altering rune magic and such.

    Circles: Ever watch that old as hell anime Full Metal Alchemist? It's much like that, but magic and more versatile. Circles are like a staff or wand, they allow one to illustrate a spell's effects through the use of any Runic Language in a circular shape to amplify a spell greatly. The more complex the Circle, the better the spell. Circles have to be physically carved or drawn onto a surface.

    Catalysts: Dark Souls. A staff, chime, wand, or any other item that has been specifically made to channel magic energy.

    Warp: A process that occurs with traditional souls, the more warped your soul is, the better you can use magic, but you also begin to attract the attention of demons and such. To become more warped one simply needs to learn more stuff about magic, simply comprehending arcane topics and concepts will begin to warp your soul, that is, if it's a traditional soul. Some people are born with natural warp, which doesn't attract demons, these people are naturally gifted with magic and grow to be exceptional mages. I artificially warped myself by reading TONS of books, cause I'm a nerd.

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  2. Cloudydays

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    Sounds a like this took a lot of inspiration from Warhammer 40k. My concept is that everyone (except for robots, unless specifically built to process it), is capable of absorbing and manipulating mana as to use magic. Some are just more naturally attuned to this, which leads to them becoming what we know as Wizards, Mages, Sorcerers, etc.

    The type of magic a person is attuned to tends to be more specific, however, and has been divided into various schools. The magic schools in the elder scrolls would give a basic idea on what I mean. Using magic outside your respective school tends to be more exhausting and wasteful of mana than spellcraft within your school, but is still possible given practice. Specific titles are typically given to the practitioners of particular schools, and into further trees of these come terminology such as necromancers, pyromancers, etc.

    Everyone has a set pool of mana from which they can draw from at any given time. Practice and special exercises can be done to help expand this mana pool, but at the start it's very small, which tends to make the ability to use magic even less noticeable for the unattuned. While most users of the arcane arts tend to put a barrier on their pool to prevent going over in terms of expending mana, it is still possible to use more mana than one actually has. In this case, the mana is pulled from your physical form, which in term can leave the wielder with sickness and physical damage. An extreme overuse of mana can effectively cause the user to burn up, as the mana consumes their physical form to fuel the spell. While potentially powerful, these spells tend to be unpredictable and may or may not fizzle out just as a spell used with a barrier in place might.

    I'd get into this more, but it's late here and I'm tired.

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