Apex Homeworld Lore Suggestion


Roleplay Organizer
Dec 4, 2018
I propose this:
The Apex homeworld is called Nexus. It is a cold world with very little plant life, and no real ecosystem. Large facilities recycle the air and filter out pollution from the many factories and research facilities.
Nexus has 91% of the Earth's gravity, and is home to a massive city, simply named the Capital. It is home to a massive population of 1.32 billion apex, multiple research facilties, training stations, spaceports, and data archives. The Capital has a futuristic architecture where most buildings are white and geometrical. The sky is white-blue, and even though the star Nexus orbits around is a blue giant, it appears rather small in the sky, as Nexus is at the far edge of its star's habitable zone.
Nexus used to have two moons, a large icy one, and a small rocky one. However, the smaller moon has been completely destroyed by mining operations aiming to gather the precious minerals of its core. The bigger moon is home to many scientific research stations and a huge military complex/spaceport that serves as a transition point for military vessels that leave Nexus through the Capital's spaceports. The moon is simply named Relay, and appears huge in Nexus's sky.
At the center of the Capital sits a massive political/military complex, shaped like a parallelogram: a megastructure that is rumored to be where Big Ape "lives",named the Core. It is instead home to Big Ape's main servers.
On Nexus, the apex don't use individual shuttles or cars for transport, and rely entirely on public transport in the form of magnetically-suspended trains moving at extremely high speeds. These trains, called transporters, are sometimes the target of rebel attacks. This has severely increased the military presence in the transporter docks.
Nexus is considered the most militarized known planet, and the Capital sits on a large amount of bunkers, only accessible through the Core megastructure. It is rumored that these bunkers go as deep as the planet's very core, and hide supersoldier breeding facilities, as well as the most advanced genetic research facilities used by the Ministry.
On Nexus, most Apex are born in breeding tubes, and natural reproduction is highly frowned upon, considered impure. The Capital's outskirts appear as a large ring of weapon-producing factories.
The Capital is constantly illuminated by giant propaganda screens, installed on the side of the tallest buildings. Most of these either show Big Ape's face, constantly saying propaganda glorifying the Apex military, or "news" installations reporting the crimes of the rebels and the executions of rebel officials.