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Discussion in 'Server Feedback' started by Lief, Mar 31, 2015.

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    I have played on many starbound servers and noticed a problem. Many players that enjoy building are restricted to only the ship. I have tried building on planets before but usually end up with my planet demolished because of griefers. I would like it if the server found out a way to be able to bind a planet to a player and only allow that player and their group to be able to build on that planet. Although the problem of every player claiming a planet and ending up with no more planets, I have found a solution to that. Only players who have played on the server for a long time should be able to get planets, and if a player does not get on the server for half a year then the planet gets reset and another player can claim it. If a way to do this is found the players would be able to show off their builds to other people on the server without griefers destroying all the work. Hopefully someone would find a way or create a way to do this. The server will prosper even more because many of the plauers building would want to continue playing on the served so they dont lose all the work they put in it. Sorry if im asking for too much its just I would really enjoy this server and wish players could make a city for people to be able to look at without it getting destroyed.
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    On the new starbound update the server wrappers broke, developers do not maintain them anymore (side of one but it's more meant to smaller servers, facing severe performance issues on servers like us), meaning there is no possible server tools or protections side of the ones included on the core game. A server wrapper is a proxy tool that has thousands of lines of code and takes months to program, and with the starbound itself multiplayer instability, nobody is willing to waste time into such tool that will always break on new starbound updates. =/

    We will do what we can for now inside the limitations of starbound, with the tools we have.
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    I understand i just hope the creators of starbound fix these bugs in a new update later.
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    Considering how long it took them for one update, scientists have concluded this will be the condition of its consumers by the time we get another update:
    [​IMG] That or Tiy goes on a shit-fit on Steam again and plays the drama card.
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    Should be possible too for blowing up planets with a moon shaped starbase that totally doesn't exist in this universe. But then every planet near spawn would be just asteroids :3
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