A Transmission - [INTERPOL LORE]

Jan 1, 2019
It is silence, among the stars.

We saw the light, and then we acted.



Source: Unknown
Timeset: Unknown
Purpose: Unknown


Y / N]



Dear ██████,

Have you ever had the feeling of losing an entire part of your life, erased from your memories? Every day, a day is forgotten forever. Love, Life, Struggle, and Lessons went just like that. All those times you tasted your favorite food, kissed your loved ones, hugged, cried, and even maybe killed. All of those memories trickling down a drain.

Humanity once had an ancient disease known as Alzheimer's. This disease would take the previously explained feeling, and increase it by tenfold. Years of your life, gone in just one day. Today it has become apparent that the historical information of this universe has Alzheimer's, thousands of works dedicated to preserving knowledge wasting away in silence.

As of █/███/███/███ ██:██:██, in the darkness. The Terrene Protectorate failed to save ███,███,███ historical documents to be stolen and destroyed by the Ministry of Knowledge. And only a few decades before, the Avian Historic Community suffered a tremendous loss when an inadequately maintained temple containing holy scriptures collapsed. Not only killing lives but killing the stories of lives before them.

But sometimes, people take steps to safeguard our remaining archives of knowledge. A group of Hylotl Preservation Organizations took steps to save many books in the Grand Pagoda Library. And our sources confirm the actions of twelve heroic Glitch Individuals. Who saved an important royal archive from being terminated by an enemy guild by sacrificing their lives defending the building before reinforcements could be called by the neighboring forces.

Our sources have restricted knowledge regarding the magnitude of the loss of cultural information being depleted by a mixture of malice, incompetence, and misplaced intentions. But our calculations based on recent events reveal a story. A narrative that was penned by scarred fingers of the people who fought to preserve their past. From this point on, we can no longer tolerate this silent burning of books to proceed.

Although our organization does it’s best to defend knowledge alongside these honorable individuals and organizations, there will always be places, people and cultures out of our influence. And we, the T-7 council devised the ARCHIVAL NETWORK. An alliance of several preservation societies to operate under one name in an organized front.

The ARCHIVAL NETWORK will not succeed without help, and our pleads have been received with an agreement. As of this day, forty-six factions have agreed to supplement us with their resources. Those most notably, ████, ██████ ██████, ██████████ ██, ████████, ██████████ ████████, ██, ██████████, ██████ ██████, ████, ███ ███ ████, ██████ ████, ███ ██████, and ██████.

Even if our attempts are in vain, we must try. The lessons we learned and the mistakes we make are what shape the future generations of protectors who roam the galaxies. And I ask that you and the Terrene Protectorate help us in this endeavor. If not, we may have lost all hopes in preserving our past.

Transcendental Seven - ██
██████ Cruz


Y / N]


You saw the light, and now it is dark.

It is quiet now.