A Long Overdue Post.

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New member
May 22, 2020
Hey, it's been a while.
I've stopped myself from making this post for almost a year because of some lingering emotional connections to this server, this community and it's staff. The nostalgia from when I was much younger is something I get absorbed into and avoid when possible to prevent melancholic introspection. I bought Starbound in 2014, played solo for a bit, grew lonely and made close online friends since lost to time on a random server -ultimately one of their friends told me to join ILB in what must've been December of 2014. It wasn't until I think June the following year where I made a forum account and interacted with the community, and maybe a year later joined the moderation team to support the server I loved and exclusively played upon at that point. I had a few good friends in this community but I haven't spoken to anyone from here in a while. While it wasn't colossal in the years previous I'd say around in 2017 my activity became patchy, I stopped playing the game and focused on the forums and other parts of the community. 2018 and since I've disappeared for months and months at a time and somehow have not been revoked of my position. I said, I believe last year, that I would focus on moderation again, yet fell into inactivity after a couple months. Since this newest iteration of the website; my daily votes, which I maintained whenever possible even in inactivity, stopped. Since, I have had the website loaded up on my PC with the intentions of making this post for a long time. I don't want to commit to making this goodbye but here I am lmao.

Thanks to everyone I've met here and have spoken to, friends, and especially the incredibly dedicated and amazing staff team and server owner who devote so much time and effort and money into keeping this server and community afloat and healthy/moderated. Ultimately I no longer play or moderate on this server or even interact with the community, and as such, my departure is logical. I'll try to put a few messages in the discord every so often but I'm deterred from this because I don't know many people here anymore due to my inactivity. Glad to see the server still running that was a part of my life for 5 and 1/2 years and would've liked to play a greater part in supporting it and interacting with the community as a whole. Adios 👋