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Jan 27, 2019

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(Art made by Kohi)

Aaah ! New Bristol ! A fine city it is ! Home of the many and the helpful, that is, if you are paying good money. A big city surrounded by dark-green colored water that none shall ever dare to swim in. A city of lights, the lighthouse of this wretched planet. Where the sun never goes up and where the moon simply does not exist. Such source of light can be hope for many, and can even represent what will define them in a near future between dead, or alive. The magnificent victorian-era buildings unable to stand straight, the lamposts as crooked and the creatures that lie in the dark, the wrecked pavement, if anything this city can do besides killing you or making you money, it is becoming a long lasting memory. Go take a walk, and enjoy its many streets and alleys, from the King Eater's Square to the Iron street ! From the Orphan's Sunset to the Museum Of Curiosities ! The city is vast, and full of interesting people, so interesting that if you were to try to understand most of them you would most likely end up drowning at the bottom of the sea.

The city is surrounded by two bridges, The Executioner's path and the Last day Walk. They are mostly relatively secure routes though inhabitants as well as traders and visitors prefer to come by boat, as on days where the mist is dense, unwary travelers get taken by the dense mist. Reports have made their way to the city and some of the creatures that plague this planet have been identified, by some, 2 species. The creatures are not the only thing people are afraid of, it is believed that there are higher forces at play, the hooded figures and the Church of the Drowned far east of New Bristol are a testament of this. But let's not stray away from the path too much as it will only make you have your face plastered against a wooden pole with the word "Missing" written below your god-awful face. Back to the Iron Street ! A street where blacksmiths and alike set up shops. The shelves are full of weapons, swords, maces, but also cooking pots, forks and knives, as well as tech, home-made of repurposed, you can find a lot of things at the Iron street.

A famous shop owner there was named Kritz for his white unorganized crazy hair, a strong man, old, but with enough muscle mass to crush a man's hand by shaking it. One day as he was walking by the Mad Jester's Tear, name given to the river that cuts New Bristol in half, he saw a strange humanoïd robot stuck against one of the pillars of the Crow's Nest, a bridge large enough for two people to cross, where some strange three-eyed crows had decided to live. His curiosity got the better of him and with a long copper cane, he fished him out of dark-green water and brought him back to his shop. He would go on to work on it every night after closing shop, until the day one yellow optic stared at him, gazing at the famous blacksmith's eyes for the first time. He went on to finish repairing what was needed and after 2 years of work, he had a hand to help him at the shop, a good one that did not need food or water. He dressed him in a traditional Captain's attire and named him Kritz after himself, seeing the robot as a creation that would last way after his departure, he wanted to find a way to live, even after death. He taught him everything, from trading, to blacksmithing, to even boxing as he did not want his "son" to die at the hands of a wretched and unworthy man. New Bristol and the blacksmith made Kritz, they forged what a hammer couldn't. They forged more than a machine and when death came knocking at the door, and that the poor old blacksmith was laying in his bed, grabbing his son's hand, he told him to take everything the he had earned, and to live a life of his own, to live with no regrets and to do what seemed the best for him. So he did.



No longer needing the shop he had spent years working in until the old man's departure, the newly free captain decided to sell everything the blacksmith had left him. He made some good money for a brand new start in life, selling the old shop on the Iron Street as well as the housing that was located on top of it. With the newly gained money the captain went on to buy a room in what was a two-story house that had been split into a couple of rooms for people to live in. The house was located right next to Blackwater's Docks, the main dock of New Bristol where the steam boats would come and go, delivering goods as well as passengers, sometimes legal, sometimes not. When you arrive at Blackwater's Docks you can see the two-story house on the right. In front of you will always stand the warehouses in which the goods are stored and down the street, to the left, are the Admiralty's quarters. They act as a police department for everything that happens on land, and on water around New Bristol. The building is three-story high and seems even more imposing as the dark green lights that are all around the city spread across the face of the building. The Admiral is rarely seen outside of this building and nobody knows his name, so instead, the people call him the black-eyed Admiral. Not for the color of his pupils, but for the dark circles around his eyes. You probably don't sleep much as the Admiral of New Bristol. Beyond those buildings were mostly cheap housing for the workers of the warehouses and of the Admiralty as well as a couple of pubs and establishments that make their money on the lustful thoughts of men, and women alike.

Kritz had decided to invest part of the money he had left into a boat of his own, a small steam boat with two chimneys that could easily be managed by a crew of 10 men, including the captain himself. The boat was made out of steel with the rail as well as the edges of the cabin's roof being colored in a very dark green. Now all he needed was a crew, and for a city surrounded by water, the volunteers are not many, when there are any. The sea around New Bristol is one that holds many treasures, but with each treasure comes a beast to defend it and through the pubs and the brothels many stories had circulated, making most normal men shake at the thought of sailing the dark waters. He did find one without much effort at the pub closest to place he lived in. A fairly young sailor that had already experience sailing the sea, but his previous captain had fallen sick to a disease and could no longer sail so Kritz's arrival was an opportunity to return on the water. He thought he would fine more people going down Hexington's Boulevard but unlucky he was.

He walked past the Museum of Curiosities and took the Crow's nest after looking and walking for hours without result, hoping to find more on the other side of the city. While walking towards East Garden, weird name for a park at the north of the city, he heard people laughing and cussing in one of the dark alleys. He followed the sound, leaving behind him the dark-green lights of the city and its mist to find a group of people. Some sitting on the barrels while the others were standing up, all gathered around a table that had an oil lantern on. His unexpected arrival had stopped the laughs and the talking as they had all turned around to face him.

Out of the bunch, a young woman stepped out. She had long curly red hair and magnificent brown eyes. Dressed liked a corsair, she was quite the figure and apparently, quite the woman judging by the scar that went across her face. She shouted "

Who might you be ?! Some sort of fancy pants robot ?!" Her voice resounding across the small alley.

"I am sorry to disturb you, I am Kritz, a Captain currently looking for a crew. And who are you ?"

The woman had put her hands on her hips, looking directly at him. "My name is Darinka, and those here are my comrades. Tell me something, what makes you think we would accept working for you ?"

"Very well then, now that the introduction has been made, I am looking for a crew to sail the sea, without much purpose I must admit besides uncovering what lies beyond New Bristol's mist. Would you be interested ?"

The woman looked back at her friends, before one of them replied. "Labour is not free my friend, and as much as some may want to drown for free, how much will you pay ?"

The captain had already anticipated this question. "Each time we will reach a shore, if there is any civilization, I'll pay each and everyone of you enough money to make sure you can be merry at the closest pub ! Plus, we will be carrying cargo each time and moving it, so it is a long journey, with basically unlimited funds my friends. We all win."

The woman, still looking at her crew of sturdy men, finally nodded after they each nodded first at her before she went on to say: "It is a deal then. You have your crew, but I will be second in command, those men trust me more than they trust you."

They both agreed and shook hands before walking back to the Blackwater's Docks, stopping at the Crooked Noose along Hexington Boulevard to pay them a round of beer as they had asked for it, since "It's the captain's duty !".

After they finally arrived at the Blackwater's Docks, they went onto the ship on which the first sailor the captain had found was waiting, and Darinka immediately took everything in hand. Giving to each of them a task until the return of Kritz. Meanwhile, the metallic ship owner had gone to one of the warehouses to get supplies and fuel, when he came back, the deck was cleaned and the machinery had been inspected, they were ready to go.
(Art made by sixie)
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