Starbound 26th April – Some Assembly Required

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    26th April – Some Assembly Required - Starbound Daily Update

    Happy Wednesday!

    Today we’re excited to show off just how the mech assembly in Starbound’s upcoming 1.3 update will work. As we’ve touched on in previous blog posts, mechs are a single, modular vehicle type which are built of several different components. These mech components are items that you can craft, find blueprints for and trade with your friends.

    At the Mech Assembly Station, you can swap out mech parts, paint colors, and see the stats and appearance of your mech. You need a full set of parts for your mech to be deployable. (although horns are optional!)

    Of course, you’ll want to improve your mech with newer, shinier parts. Luckily there’s a lot of space to explore, so finding rare mech component blueprints out there shouldn’t be too much of a problem for any eager adventurer!


    Until next time!

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  2. Dr. Kasmine

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    Why does flying a mech feel like flying a helicopter?
    Is it gonna be just as hard?
    Feels like it.
  3. Sp00kyGuy

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    Once this update gets released everyone's character and their mom is gonna have a mech which they will use in crp
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  4. DarkFlow

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    Or Starbound will become Evangleion

    Get to mech Shinji
  5. max_0_man

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    im exited to try it out
  6. Isbjörn

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    Can't wait! TITANFALLLLL!
  7. Mors0

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    Ohhh Boi cant wait to make backups of my character and the items I made hopefully starcheat and the modded items still work.
  8. Lord Bobster

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    i think this game is perfect and couldnt be better and then this happend *sniff* ITS EVERYThING IVE EVER WANTED!!!!!!
  9. ICDeadPixels

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    I noticed that too. You'd expect space to actually handle like space. I'd be rather disappointed if there isn't some zero g thing going here. If there isn't it just feels like the same old song and dance.

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