Starbound 10th February – Space/Off

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    10th February – Space/Off - Starbound Daily Update

    In our previous posts we’ve mentioned that ‘space’ is the overarching theme of this patch, and showed a little preview of some exciting new space vehicles. We have some even bigger (downright galactic) changes planned, including fleshing out one of the most fundamental parts of the game: interplanetary travel! To get an idea of what we have in mind, here’s a look at a WIP version of the new navigation interface:

    Space isn’t just about stars and planets, it’s about the space between them, so you’ll now be able to fly freely around systems and explore all kinds of new locations, from space stations to traveling merchant ships to mysterious derelicts! Systems won’t just be static, either — moons orbit planets, planets orbit stars, and rich opportunities come and go, rewarding patient explorers with brand new perils and plunder!

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  2. Kufell

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    Wow, that's quite the improvement!
  3. Jtl500

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    This actually sounds good i hope they do this well, I really want this damn patch now.
  4. ICDeadPixels

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    First off, a ship just ran into the sun. Second off, what will this look like for passengers? Thirdly, will this cause any performance issues for servers? Massive amounts of teleports already cause high CPU.
  5. Max Bacon

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    This is more interesting but I feel this is just the interface changing to navigate to locations, with some different more dynamic events spawned in that would be NPC ships. To see. hmmm
  6. Isbjörn

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    I wonder if you would be able to set up your own space stations and have other players/npcs visit for commerce.
  7. Max Bacon

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    I don't think this is to be possible. It's a grief/grief kind of situation. The game is pretty much generating this things by itself on the system view, but for example showing other players visible would be a killer.

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