Starbound 1.3.3 Hotfix Patch Notes

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    1.3.3 Hotfix Patch Notes - Starbound Daily Update

    Hey, everyone!

    Things are busy here as we’re still hard at work on the 1.4 update. A number of players have been encountering a crash bug when switching between weapons of the same type, so we decided to address that with a hotfix update rather than waiting for the next patch.

    While we’re at it, though, we figured we’d throw in one more useful feature: category tags for Steam Workshop mods! The mod uploader tool now allows you to select one or more tags for your mod, and these can be used to filter searches in the Workshop. Hopefully this will make it a bit easier to sort through the amazing variety of available mods!

    On the development side of things, we’ve been focusing on exciting events for you to encounter in pursuit of your bounty targets. You didn’t think it was going to be simple, did you?

    In this example, your investigation is stymied by a code-locked door with your target tantalizingly out of reach. You’ll need to use clever social engineering to obtain the code from an unwary underling in order to progress.

    We’re very excited about the procedural possibilities for this patch, and hope you are too. If you’ve got ideas for cool or silly things you’d expect to encounter on a bounty hunt, let us know in the comments.

    Until next time!
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    Awsome! Guess i didn't have to submit a fixed version of my item XD
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    Bounty hunting now a thing?
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    In 1.4

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